Is it their choice or is it destiny?
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People become poor due to lack of education, job skills, and access to resources and opportunities, which can limit their ability to find well-paying jobs and escape poverty.
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Interesting! That's unfortunate. Hope people get education and skills too so as to avoid being poor.
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Being poor is a choice. Others may not recognize it but once you gave up on your life and just threw away the things you've accomplished, you've already had a poor mindset. Poor doesn't only mean lack of money or finances, you are poor if you don't strive to get what you want without trying a thing.
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Wow! Never knew that being poor is when you don't try to get what you want without trying a thing.
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People become poor due to a variety of reasons such as lack of education, unemployment, low paying jobs, discrimination, poor financial decisions, unexpected expenses, and poor access to resources and opportunities.
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Exactly! Discrimination can be a huge problem to people who want to be rich.
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It's not a fault if we are born poor but we have a choice to live in this world being rich. Our destiny is in our own hands, so it's a choice. 

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There are many reasons why people may become poor in life. Some of the most common reasons include lack of access to education and job opportunities, discrimination and systemic inequality, and unforeseen events such as illness or job loss. Additionally, factors such as poor financial decision-making or lack of access to resources and support can also contribute to poverty.
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poverty is a complex isuue caused by a variety of factor. let me list some of them:

  1. lack of education & job skills
  2. lack of access to resources
  3. systemic discrimination 
  4. Economic factors
  5. Personal factors

It's imposrtant to note that poverty is not always a choice & it's not only a result of personal faliure.Systemic barriers make it difficult for them to escape poverty. It's a combination of both the factors, personal & systemic, that leads people to poverty.
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There are many reasons why people become poor. Some may be due to circumstances beyond their control, such as a lack of access to education or job opportunities, discrimination, or economic downturns. Others may be due to personal choices or actions, such as poor financial management or addiction. It is not a simple answer of destiny or choice, but a complex interplay of various factors that can lead to poverty.

Poverty can result from a combination of individual, structural, and systemic factors. Individual factors include lack of education and job skills, poor health, and personal choices such as addiction or poor financial management. Structural factors include discrimination and lack of access to resources and opportunities. Systemic factors include economic inequality, inadequate social safety net programs, and government policies that disproportionately affect low-income communities.

Additionally, poverty can be both a cause and a consequence of poor health, low levels of education, lack of access to economic opportunities, and other factors. People who live in poverty may find it difficult to access quality health care, nutritious food, and safe housing, all of which can contribute to poor health and reduced opportunities for upward mobility. Additionally, poverty can lead to stress, which can have negative impacts on physical and mental health, and can make it harder for people to escape poverty.

It is also important to note that poverty can disproportionately affect certain groups, such as women, people of color, and individuals with disabilities, due to factors such as discrimination and lack of access to resources and opportunities.

In summary, poverty is a complex issue with many causes and consequences, and it is not simply a matter of choice or destiny.

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At times it is a choice because you are the one deciding on your life on what you want to do. Though life is hard to many this will depend on how you deal with the everyday life challenges. One must have a positive outlook in life, faith and belief in your self that everything will be alright. 
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People become poor in life one factor is the lack of education that will give them a better future life. It can also be a lack of strategy on how to live your life. Others who have money or good life do not manage how to handle or budget their money well, especially those middle or lower class life of people. Others don't have the drive to fight whatever trials they have in life.
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Poverty is neither a choice nor a destiny.Nobody likes to be poor and nobody is created to be poor.Some people are poor because of unemployment,poor family background,lack of education or skills,some people are also poor because of spiritual problems ie curse
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As the bible states, poor people will always be abundant in the world. it is not just only because of their choices but because it has always been meant to be. the question suggests the fact that there has been an underlying condition as to why people are poor. kindly remember that people are poor because they are poor nothing else.
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People become poor because sometimes they don’t know how to save money. People who are poor don’t know how make decisions in life.
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 Bad decisions, bad habit and the people that surround you that may effect your decision in life and no knowledge about investing that turn out bad or bust 
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