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I think this depends on what opportunities are available, and whether these opportunities suit their interest. As for me, I started earning when I was in high school. I have had passion for arts since I was a kid, and through constant practice I pretty much improved and developed skills on my own. Since no one really taught me, I knew how hard it is for people who are just beginning to discover how to work things out. Here comes the opportunity to earn. I began giving art lessons to kids. I also joined several art contests that would get me discounts to art supplies and a chance to join other major art contests. I think when you discover what you really want, you can make use of it to earn money. If you're into music, you can either teach other people or perform in various events.

Another opportunity is the academics. Since I kind of do well in math, I also did tutor some kids in our neighborhood. That way, I don't only earn but also get to review amd learn new techniques.
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I started working when i was 15 and i really know how teens feel about having their own money etc etc. It really depends where you live but there are many things teens can do to start making money - they can give languageLclasses if they are really good like i did, they caan work online in several different things and they can also work more traditional local jobs such as bagging groceries or at retail. Thankfully nowadays the web has many options for People and teens do not even need to leave their house to start making some solid cash, there are sites on the web like Answeree for example that allow peoplle to get some money here and there, teens can also YouTube and try to make some cash, they can alaoalaoablog or sell stuff on the web
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There are different ways teens can earn money decently though this depends largely on the environment.
In a country like mine,  it is fundamental that most teens are supposed to be in the college or universities at this stage so they have limited time to earn. The few ways I know that teens can earn are as follows :

Sale representative,  there lots of super markets around that the require the services of  teens especially the ladies to help them to sell in the shop on a monthly salary. The beauty of it is that their ability to read,  write and communicate in English and the major language in that environment qualify them.

Buying and selling, there are some teens that are so creative that they buy wears at cheaper rate from their ends and take it to school to sell to their school mates at higher price just to make profits decently.
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If you have any specific skills, you can try freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Elance, worknhire. If you have good academic skills try chegg. Making youtube videos, article writing, survey sites are also other methods to earn money online. 
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Most of teens have gadgets like cellphones, laptops, computers etc. They can use it to earn extra money/income. But the most effective way for teens to earn money is to look for part time job while studying in school.
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Most teens love to use modern gadgets. Some teens are starting to use their mobile phones in playing video games and do live streaming. They are earning a lot of money doing this. The good thing is they are enjoying the games and earning at the same time.
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As a teen, you should have a mobile phone or a computer, and some few hours for leisure every day. You can make money at leisure, yes you can turn your game time to money-making-time. The best way to start earning and cashing in some dollars right now without having to even leave your room is by recommending the products you love to others. You don't own this products and you may or may not have used them but from others' reviews, you can say that they are of good quality. When you recommend them to others, you can earn a huge commission. It is called affiliate marketing, and this is what even made Jeff Bezzos a one-time richest man in the world. 

Take for example; young Ryan Kaji, YouTube's highest earner for the year 2019. He was just nine years old, and he loves toys. So he has a YouTube channel where he simply reviews and unbox new toys from Amazon; by doing so, he makes his fellow kids to also love these toys and their parents order for the toys through Ryan's 'affiliate link;' and for each toy they buy through his link, Ryan is earning big. Just like that, in 2019 alone, he made about $26 million only from YouTube's ads revenue. Many people like myself are into this simple strategy of making money and we are making real cash.

You may not necessarily start a YouTube channel and toys may not be what you love. You may love shoes, watches, ebooks, headsets, games softwares, or even supplements; name them; you can make a lot of money by promoting these products and simply telling others about them using different methods. You can start a blog(from which you can also get paid by google) or simply by recommending them to your friends on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or even on Reddit; however you want to do it, there are so many alternatives to make real money through affiliate marketing. You don't have to make your own products or open any store; everything is done with your smartphone or computer. 

Still a few people know about this method of making money. Think about making money by just recommending products to people, more so to your friends. Now you know about it and you can start right away, but I strongly advise that you don't just jump into it. I recommend that you get some training or guidance first(this may not take you more than three weeks). You could be taught where to get some of these products that can make  more commission and also the best ways to promote them. There are few ways I can put you through with this. Just email me at brilliantgent85@ and I will show you how you can hasten up everything and even make more money as soon as possible. 

All the best!
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There are several ways teens could earn while they are in their academic endeavors. They could venture in a small-scale business using social media as their platforms of advertising the product of their choice.
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best way for teens to earn money would be taking part time jobs in shops and cafe's . or if its online then forum sites also good for making some nice bucks , also making vlogs and youtube videos
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teens can make money by doing some freelance work on sites like Upwork etc. By making some videos on youtube. By selling the notes to sites like studypool,by making some craft items, and selling on Instagram.
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