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Although vaping serves as substitute for other forms of smoking, especially for those who are showing the interest of quitting, there are health hazard that is still associated with its usage. The particles that are in them are yet to be determined what they are made up of, therefore making it difficult for health experts to x ray the danger it poses to the human body. Regardless of this, it is of common sense that since is smoke contained it, it can cause various forms of health related problems to the human body, such as cancer of the mouth, heart disease, arteries clogging, lung cancer, etc.

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Most vape users are ex tobacco smokers who believe that this is the lesser of the two evils. While this may be true, this doesn't mean that the health risks brought about by vaping aren't alarming.

The most famous claim for vaping being safer than tobacco is that it contains less nicotine. However, there are actually cases where it even has greater amount. Nicotine, as we have known, is an addictive substance that can affect brain development, especially for young adults. Moreover, when one vapes more often as in smoking, side effects would include increased heart rate and blood pressure, lung disease, chronic bronchitis, and insulin resistance which might lead to diabetes.

Other than the content-related effects, vape users are also exposed to the harm of battery explosions. There have been cases reported that vape batteries explode, and that causes of these explosions are still aren't known.
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Vaping is unhealthy because you will be constantly inhaling a substance ...of course it is not as bad as smoking a normal cigarette however vaping can also be very bad for your lungs and respiratory system, after all you will have smoke and oils as well as chemically developed substances in your body over and over again. Many people use oils that are made from unknown substances, and these May contain items that pose a thrrat to health - they can even cause câncer! The person will be basically posoning herself the same way but with different substances. Being addicted and needing to vape over and over again is bad and will not be good for anyone. In fact the best way is to avoid unknown substances altogether so you cannremain healthy
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The inhalation and exhalation of vapour produced by an electronic cigarette is considered better than the normal tobacco smoking but it has its own disadvantages. Most e-cigarettes have nicotine which is an addictive substance that may hinder the development of a person's brain. Some companies that produce this e-cigarettes claim that they are nicotine free yet they are not. Also, e-cigarettes may have side effects that are fatal to the human body. They include, lung cancer and other lung diseases, increased heart rate and high blood pressure and insulin resistance which may lead to type 2 diabetes. Moreover, the vapour produced during vaping contains carcinogens which is a risk to nearby non users just like the passive effects of tobacco smoke.
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