Which do you prefer loved to your games in your mobile or in your desktop/laptop
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I preferred to play PC games. Don't do it in a period of twenty years, in fact. Mobile games are so cramped because of that small display. No "breath" in view. That last cool game I can think of was "Duke Nukem 3D". They planned to produce new version and were designing it for a decade. So, funs were already old to play new version.
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It really depends on my mood and the type of game I'm playing. Generally, I prefer to play mobile games because they are more convenient, have shorter game sessions, and are more accessible. On the other hand, PC games give me more control as they are usually more complex and offer more customization options. I also prefer PC games when I am playing with friends, as it is easier to communicate via voice chat. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference, and I like to play both mobile and PC games.
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I play PC Games rather than in mobile. Me personally love to play offline and sports at my laptop because I just don't want to compete in games and start a fight once an online game gets intense. I show my creativity on those offline games and sometimes I change the storyline to a certain free roam game.
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