Who is ur fav character in money heist & why ?
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I really love Berlin. He is a more perfected character than the professor who got me so puzzled. I used to think Berlin is a shady guy at the beginning of season 1, but as the show went on I realized why the professor made him the leader. He was a lone person who always stuck to the plan under all circumstances. He would take action right after realizing what needed to be done.
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stupid tokyo. she alone was able to annihilate the whole entire plan of the team. because of her immaturity , self absorbedness and stupidity, many people  died.
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Yes, I've watched money heist. It was a nice series. It will give you a different perspective and will make you think that there are people, like real people, who suffers the same situation with them.
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I have watched the money heist. I am a fan, lol! My favorite character is Berlin. I find him so attractive and manly, as if he can protect you from all the dangers of this world, haha! Handsome.  
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I would say Berlin , honestly i didn't like him at first but later on  is why he became my favorite the character was well put together amazingly he is the head of show even in final season i just want them to tell us he is survived 
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I liked Berlin character beacuse he is the older brother of the professor and the leader of the team inside the mint.

His leadership and ability to keep the team together make him a key player
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Nice movie i guess, because i haven't watch it but my friends are alwaying talking about the movie, am actually looking forward to watching it and i believe i would enjoy it.
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✌ Low quality (RiK97 “its not a movie ... if u don't have the idea ... try not to ans”)
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