How much water we should drink daily?
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The amount of water an individual needs to drink each day can vary depending on factors such as age, sex, body weight, and activity level. However, a general guideline is to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, which is about 2 liters or half a gallon. This is known as the 8x8 rule.

It's important to note that this is a minimum requirement and some people may need to drink more water depending on their activity level, and the climate they live in. For example, if you are physically active or live in a hot climate, you may need to drink more water to stay hydrated. The color of your urine is a good indicator of how hydrated you are, if it's pale yellow, you are well hydrated, if it's dark yellow or amber, you need to drink more water.

Additionally, it's also important to note that water intake can come from other sources such as fruits and vegetables which contain water, and other beverages like herbal teas or caffeine-free drinks. However, it's recommended to avoid sugary drinks or drinks high in caffeine, as they can dehydrate the body.
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According to health experts every person should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day but that doesn't apply to everyone. If you are staying in hot, dry areas or in mountainous areas you'll need more water. If your diet contains more beverages or salty and spicy food you'll have to drink more water. If you have to walk or stand a lot during the day you'll need more water.  
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At lest 10 liters of water must be drink daily be couse to circulate our blood system and to get good condition for our kidney and also good for our skin to be bright and also protect the skin from dehydrate 
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It is recommended that adults drink at least 8 glasses (2 liters) of water per day. Drinking water throughout the day helps keep your body hydrated, prevents dehydration, and helps your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Other benefits of drinking water include increased energy levels, improved digestion, and better skin health. Make sure to get enough water throughout the day, especially when exercising or when the weather is hot.
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We are required to drink 8 to 10 glasses of regular water. I would rather take regular tap water or lukewarm water in the morning to cleanse my body upon waking up. This liquid is very important in our health if taken regularly within the day than drinking other liquids and brings good to our health. 
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