I found her on facebook and had to reach out to her aunt since she was inactive. Her aunt stated my sister does want to get to know me but she leads a busy life. 
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Well, sometimes you need to understand if people are really busy. I guess no one is not is busy in this life of ours, especially the adult ones. Just be more patient who knows that she is really so busy by those times and will be available or catch up at some time. Anyways, other people say that no matter how busy people are with their lives if they want to do something that they really like they will really find time to do that thing even just for a few hours it can be through a personal call or meeting. 
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When you are just starting to get to her, it would be best to extend patience towards her. By the time you get to meet and have exchange enough information about your lives to be comfortable then you probably can ask about the nature of her profession so that way you could manage your expectations. Cutting her some slack is also recommended given that your are just starting to be acquainted. That means she may or may not have some reservations, expectations and fear. But, until you have known enough about her and her life, there is no need to doubt her intentions. 
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Well she is actually interested, it just that it’s wrong timing. It would be better that you will have take an schedule in which both of you are not busy.
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You need to understand that people do what they do because of the choices that they make. the choices that they make are based on what they want the most to do with their time. people can say " she probably is busy " but the truth is that is her choice, a choice to be busy and not to talk to you if she wanted to talk to you she would be able to give you any time of the day to respond. truth hurts and right now I hope that the truth shines brightly to you .
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If she really wants to get to know you better and recover those years that the both of you spend apart then she would create time no matter how short it might be.
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That is possible that she is just too busy. It happens to me sometimes where I can't really find time to chat or reconnect with people as much as I would love to because of what my work is requiring from me plus the other stuff I was involved in. 
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