Change is the only permanent in the world. If there is a change we will learn to adjust. I wonder what changes that happens in your life and you feel it is hurting you? This could be a situation in life, education, society and many more.
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I agree with you that change is inevitable and that to be able to adapt, we need to learn how to adjust to these changes.

One of the biggest shifts in my life would be when I lost the good friends I've had in college. Of course, I, too, am guilty of this because I was the one who started to be distant. But I learned that there are really friends who, even if you want them to, will not be there till the end. It makes me feel nostalgic whenever I reminisce the moments we've had. I kind of miss their company but I don't think we can still work our friendship out, as it has been years since we last talked.

However, I've also learned that in the course of life, we will meet more people who will make us realize why these changes occur, and will make us think that hey, things do change for a reason. Because when one door closes, another door opens.
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How sad it is. yes, I lost a friend too just this year. I lost her not because we have misunderstanding, but because she died. I feel half of my life is dying everyday. People come and go in our life so we must appreciate those who stay.
Yes. Changes happen for some reason. When door closes, another door opens. Thanks for your answer.
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I've had good changes and bad changes in my life. Some of the bad ones were through wrong decisions I made but there were some where I was just unlucky. When my marriage ended I thought it was the end of the world, my husband left me and my life changed forever. At first I thought I couldn't cope but it has made me a strong independent woman  who can cope with most things so although this change seemed devastating I came back from it and I met someone who was better for me.

I think the biggest life changer for me is the fact my son turned to drugs destroying not only his own life but changing mine in a major way. I was ready to retire and do all the things I wanted to, travel, relax, anything I wanted. Unfortunately fate had other ideas for me and I now look after his daughter so my plans have been put on hold. However, although I was very upset to begin with my granddaughter and I have built a good life for ourselves and I love her dearly. It's not easy but she is growing up to be a lovely girl I can be proud of so although this change seemed hard at first it has blossomed into something special.
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I think your grand daughter is a good sign that you had done something good in the past. Yes, we all have hard ship but it make us on who we are today. It makes me proud of you too.
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I don't mind changes in the world all that much, but that's mostly because they don't affect me personally. Plus, I'm not a wise ancient master or anything like that, but the more I live and learn about things, the clearer it becomes that very few things are truly new. Whatever crazy stuff happens in the next few years is something we've already seen in some way or another. The real question is whether we've learned something from it or if we're doomed to repeat our mistakes. Usually it's the latter.

Anyway, I have a really hard time dealing with changes in my life, or even minor mishaps. I would love nothing more than following a set of instructions telling me how to master the game of life and what I should expect along the way. No bugs, no unbeatable challenges, no unpredictable boss patterns. Just a well designed system I can understand.
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I just wish we have something like that. What I only know is that challenges happens almost every minute and that is the changes I am always experiencing that is giving me anxiety, all the time. 
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If the changes are external, then they'll definitely hurt me but if they're internal, I can't be hurt. Life changes are never that permanent because as long as you have two hands,eyes and legs, in short you're not cripple, then you can always change or shape your destiny.If its education, you can as well change but only hard work can do that. Change is inevitable and the only way to deal with  it is to appreciate it.Some changes just come naturally while others come as a result of our mistakes while others are intentional. In all these kind of changes, the way you approach them will finally determine how things will end. Before making any changes in my life, I love thinking out first about its consequences so that they don't end up affecting me in one way or another.
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Changes always has a reason and it happens because something could be done or solve. It is always for a reason. No matter how hard for us, all of us will need to face this in life. I love your idea.
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So far the changes that hurt me and disappoint me is the day when answeree limited us with only five answers in a day. A very low reasoning mindset or whatever you call it haha. I mean I really looking forward working on this website and I have high hopes because I see that people here are somehow approachable and as I assess the questions here, It is more on personal, personal interest, personal experience, and all staff that is related to individual feelings and experiences. That's is why I am having fun while answering because my style of answering is human to human or you can call it a personal approach. For me, working on this website is like hitting two birds with one stone. I can earn while doing what I want and enjoying myself.
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I feel sad also and I have to be honest, that is the reason I started questioning about changes. However, I respect the site because the owner needs to adjust to every changes that is happening on the site. In order for a site to last long, the owner starts to implement changes and in the long run, it will benefit us all.
yeah you are right I hope admin will come into more better solutions, anyway, maybe the admin has hard times thinking how to make this site better.
Or maybe something had caused the difficulty. I wonder if there is a spammer in the site because sites like this could be prone to spammer. Owner will do a lot of work of cleaning. I haven't seen a spammer though.
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Change is a constant thing in nature and I try to understand that and strive to live with it but when it has a negative effect that one become helpless then it really to the extreme.

Well,there are a lot of changes especially technological wise that is affecting one negatively even relationships are not left out.

You can imagine going on a date with a partner and they're either chatting away on one of the social media platform or trying to update his or her status on Facebook.Snapping the beautiful place you both are hanging out just to upload online for random people to comment. In fact no attention is paid to the reason of the hangout any longer.

Some people will witness an accident scene instead to check for victims that needs urgent help will rather be snapping so as to update on their pages and people might even be dying in the process.
Some changes is really hurting.
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Yes, I agree, some changes are not in our favor. It might be good of some people, but sometimes not you. The prices of commodities in my country really hurts my income, but my salary is not increasing so I better do something about it. 
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Frankly speaking, there was one particular change which i really struggled to let the reality of the situation dawn on me. Without disputing the irrefutable fact that change is the only inevitable phenomenon in the universe but there are some of us, if not all us, that find it pretty hard to adapt to new change happening around us or in our lives.
In retrospect, i recalled how i find it difficult to accept the change of moving on from my old secondary school friends. As boarding students, we were so into each other that after our secondary school years, we were still getting in touch not via communication media but physically contacts in spite of how the distances between us were quite far apart. This persisted for as much as i can remember to the point that it became a habit of continuously wanting to see them.

At last, i discovered that it was no longer fun as it were at the initial stage, that was when i realized that it was time to move on by embracing the change of cutting ties with them. And this was instigated, i guess, as a result of all of us gaining admissions into various  instructions.
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Yes, sometimes you need to let them go and realized that is not that bad because you can do it alone. Sometimes we will not realized we can do it unless we are really doing it. 
That's just what it is. We must learn to let go of people and things that no longer serve our purpose of being here on earth.
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Not every changes hurts. It depends. The good changes never hurts. But positive change in the relationship never hurts. Like if husband change her drinking habit it is good.
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Since I am into changes, it will not hurt me for changing myself into a better person. I usually feel a better person for doing the changes in my life.
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No I am not hurt by changes of life because what I know is that changes are part and parcel of life and I believe changes are for the better .

Humans can easily adapt to changes and are able to enjoy every moment of life changing situations. 
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In my own opinion i think that changes do not or is not supposed to do that changes always creates opportunities for us to learn new things.
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There are certain kind of change that affects us negatively, change is thing that is constant, changes like breakup can hurt us or maybe divorce are alsn examples.
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Change is a typical thing that happens to us. There are some change that can benefit you like the sayings "Change for the better". But there are also changes that is painful like a loss of a loved one that can change even a person's perspective.
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