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Can you explain why apple product is better than any other devices

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They aren't. They are excellently branded, however, and that lets Apple charge whatever they want for their products under the guise of glamour and exclusivity. Objectively though, different devices serve different needs for different people, so there's no one best product. For example, Apple computers are often used by creative professionals like musicians and artists because they need specific software that only runs on Mac OS. Oh, and also because of marketing; lots and lots of marketing. But go ask a gamer to get a Mac and see how well that goes.

More importantly, Apple markets its products as premium experiences, and not everyone needs premium. If I just want a phone to talk to people and browse social media, there's absolutely no point getting a top device that runs Crysis or whatever. A cheap Xiaomi phone could very well be the best product in this case.

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I am an Android user before I decided to moved into Apple brand over a year ago. And I have notice the difference of usage between the two for the first time I use an iPhone. I can see that they have more safer and virus-free system compare to Android. Where as on Android you can easily download free music directly saved to your storage, in Apple devices you can't do this not unless you are using a connection to your computer.

I can say, Apple is better than Android devices, but since Android having more update to their system by adapting fingerprint sensor,and face detector like Apple first did, But I am not still sure if they do the same on websites when you are browsing and keeping your personal information. Both Apple and Android brand like Samsung and Huawei, they are expensive especially the top notch model the last two brand. While Apple still no changes to their boring smartphone designs, they are more safer from virus and hackers than Android devices.
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When it comes to the the world of technological development in smartphone devices, Apple is the number one company with the kind of technological features and upgrades they are equipping their iPhone products with. When it comes to upgrading of their smartphone device, the company is always on the front foot to upgrade their products more than any other android phone companies like Samsung, Tecno, Infinix etc.

Now, the security system and upgrades of Apple iPhone products are what threw it far ahead of any of other smartphone that has ever been produced. The technology behind the iPhone is so sophisticated that the device will always be recovered when it's stolen.
Also, looking at some of the specifications of the phone like its RAM, internal memory and underwater usage features makes the iPhone incredible.
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