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Does anyone here tried underwater photography? If yes what is you experience?
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Never tried it but I would like to try some day so I can capture images being underwater.
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Personally, I haven't tried it out yet because I don't have an Apple iPhone but I have been captured by it when I was in a pool with friends. 

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I live on an island and our water is so crystal clear and warm it is like swimming in a lukewarm bath. The fish in our lagoon is amazing and so is the coral and some of the other amazing underwater life we see here. I love taking pictures and one time I was given a very nice underwater camera. It isn't a professional camera by any means at all, but it is a nice camera and takes great underwater shots. I have been using this camera for years and have captured some great shots of the lemon sharks we have in our lagoon, the giant sea turtles, the rays, and tons of fish and even octopuses. If you are thinking of trying this I'd suggest starting off with a nice underwater camera that will run you around $300 to $400. This isn't the most expensive and it isn't professional by a long shot, but it is a good starter camera and they take fantastic photos in the water. One day I might upgrade to a professional camera, but for now, I'm happy with the one I have because it is compact and easy to take with you swimming.
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Technology keeps getting better and better as the day goes by with all the sophisticated technology gadgets we have been produced for one purpose or another. Looking at how underwater photography is practically carried out today, it's very obvious that things are reaching the attention of all human beings all over the world.
In the past, it wasn't even possible to take a simple camera under the rain and take a picture but now, it's very possible to carry even a video recorder into deep waters and cover sea animals in the water, in my opinion this is amazing. I have watched so many wild life underwater documentary and it's incredible now such recordings are carried out.

Now, we even have smartphone devices that can be used to take pictures and make videos underwater like iPhone.

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