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My doctor told me I should wait about seven days after my first shot to have unprotected sex, but I still feel anxious and worried. I didn’t get the shot whilst on my period, that is why she told me I should wait a week. Please help, thank you! 
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There are chances that you will get pregnant but unprotected sex but who knows maybe you are not pregnant now.

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If you got the shot within the first 7 days after the start of  your period you should be protected immediately but as you were just after that time your doctor told you to wait 7 days. As you waited 9 days I think you will be safe but if you are worried you can take a pregnancy test , one which gives early results, just to put your mind at rest.

No contraceptive is 100% reliable but most give a high protection. The depo shot should give you 12 weeks protection and as long as you go on time for each injection you should be have continuous cover. The number of times you had sex isn't particularly relevant but the timing is. There are only a few days in each month a woman can become pregnant, when she is ovulating, which is why your doctor will recommend the shot within those 7 days after your period.  It is highly unlikely you will be ovulating then. Normally it is around 2 weeks before a period.

It sounds like you followed all the instructions so it is unlikely you will become pregnant so try not to worry,
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Most times it depends on individual body systems.
If I get your question correctly you had unprotected sex 5 times within 3 days after 9 days of your waiting period. Medicaly you have ovulated before you had this unprotected sex and to a very reasonable extent you have nothing to worry about you may not be pregnant.
In a situation where your menstrual cycle fluctuates you will definitely have fluctuations in ovulation periods too so you may have to get a pregnancy test indicator to check regularly especially if you feel different or notice any changes in your body system.
However if you are married you can opt for family planning options and if you are not, it is advisable to be protected or possibly abstain from it, which is the best.
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So its been nine days after your period is when you had sex, okay, that's quite risky because your safe days are over. At times it good to follow instructions but then you should do some pregnancy test because worries can cause stress and this might lead to hormonal imbalances which has got its effects as well. You can as well talk to your doctor although it won't help a thing because whether you are pregnant or not, he can't do anything. Laddies have safe days, seven days before your pregnancy and seven days after your pregnancy. But then, it depends with one's monthly periods, if they're regular then you're fine otherwise don't try the safe thing.

My advise is that you take a pregnancy test and you can as well talk to your doctor although it might not change anything but at least he can help you think out in your next step.
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First of all, having unprotected sex while you are not married to the person comes with a whole lot of risk of which contracting infections is one of them. I don't really think that we should be looking at the things that our partners tell us about how they are not cheating on us. I am someone that is always careful and always make use of condoms when I am having sex with my girlfriend simply because I don't want to be in that situation where I will regret the decision that I make in life.

About being afraid of pregnancy, I wish to tell you that the counting of your period may change due to several factors such as having sex on your period and the rest. However, what I am going to suggest that you should do is to take a pregnancy test to be sure that you are free instead of having to assume things on that.
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Well,going by your doctor's recommendation because we can only honestly work with your doctor's advice ,he or she is the expert here and must have really known what he or she was talking about medically I write that you have nothing to worry about.Your doctor says you should stay away from sex for 7 days which you did and even waited for 9 days going by your write up here before your first sex then I don't think you have anything to worry about unless you are not telling the truth.
I think the depo shot is to make your system very unfriendly to sperm so even with unprotected sex even hourly there shouldn't be any room for pregnancy. I will advised you stop being anxious but if you're still uncomfortable with it,the best bet for you will be to consult your Doctor.
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If the unprotected sex was with your married partner or someone whom you are in a serious relationship with, then it's only pregnancy that you should be worried about and not infection which would have made matters worse for you. Treating infection is very hard now with the kind of strong viral and bacteria infections being sexually transmitted from one person to another. So, I would really advise you to always try as much as possible to make sure that you are making use protection whenever you are having sexual intercourse especially with someone whom you don't trust 100 percent. Getting to the issue of your being afraid of being pregnant after having the unprotected sex when you were warned not to, there are some pills that can help you flush out any sperm in your body. Ask your doctor to prescribe good ones to help you.
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Contraceptives can be risky sometimes, they may work, or backfire on you. At times its sheer luck. Anyway am curious, from what i read it seems like your not married right? In this day and age where people are trying so hard to protect themselves from sexual transmitted diseases, you are okay with having unprotected sex, don't you feel or get scared about the whole idea? Don't you care about your life and health? Anyway that's just my thinking. It's always good to follow your doctors instructions, but sometimes it's good to also keep your own records. If you know your cycle, whether its regular or not, that should give you an idea of what to expect. If your cycle is regular, your probably not pregnant because you already ovulated within the week of waiting

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