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I like basketball because it plays every part of your body from head to toe and it is very tiring sports too.

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There are countless number of exercises that one can engage in to stay healthy and look fit. These exercises are of various forms that you can perform depending on the one you want to perform and the body part you want to work on or improve on. Some of the questions you need answer are before going into exercising are; why am I exercising? Which part of my I need to focus on? How do I stay motivated in order for my objectives to be achieved?

For instance, if the reason you are exercising is to stay fit and healthy, I will recommend you engage in aerobic cardio exercises. These are outdoor exercises that can make you sweat profusely, raise your heart beat by making you pant heavily. The type of exercises you can engage in that categorized as cardio are; jogging, running, brisk walking, etc.

On the other hand, if you want to build your muscles which is advisable after you have already been fit and healthy with the cardio exercises. You can go for light weight lifting to begin with before doing the heavy weight lifting exercises. Check in with fitness experts if you want better results. And don't forget to seek the advise of your doctor before embarking on any type of the exercise discussed above.
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I always enjoy cardiovascular exercises because I can readily do them and I enjoy doing them too.The only time we can maintain any exercising routine is engaging in one that one has passion for and is actually enjoying it.

I love to jog run,skip,walk, swim, climb hills and other exercises that can help raise ones heart beat to burn calories. Exercises like this helps to speed up metabolism and helps one lose weight through burning calories.

Long uses of cardio exercises will help one reduce stress,build up muscles,makes one  rest and sleep better,strengthen bone density, help build up the lungs and heart and gives one the needed bodily confidence because one will be trimmed and fit.

If possible cardio exercises should be done daily.
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There are lots of sports you can do to exercise your body. Actually, being a triathlon will make your body exercise a lot. It needs a lot of stretching before starting it. If you want to be a runner, you can do so. All the sports with ball, like Volleyball , Baseball, Foot ball and Basketball, will make you perspire more. Even cyclist exerted a lot of effort and maintain their body lean. Weight lifter people for sure has a lot of going on when they exercise. Even swimming. It can produce muscles in different parts of your body and it is good for the heart. Actually, all the sports that we commonly know will make you lean and healthy. It is all good for the heart. Just a habit of having a stretch in the morning could make you healthy and slim.
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In my own opinion, football is the game. A game that usually played in 90minute, with 11 players from each team making the total player on pitch to be 22 players. The football field is visually designed or mapped in such a way that it is rectangular in shape with length and breadth. It has 18 yard box with a keeper or goal keeper in the goal post. The field is usually divided equally by line forvtge both team and each team plays to beat the other side by having the ball in their net.
I picked interest in the fame due to motivation I got when I was at tender age. I grew up in an estate where footbaal is given much priority and placed everyday. Players were always given special slot yo job in the company wwithin the estate even to the extend if sending them abroad to study.

Football became part of me since then, and at the present; it is my best sport and exercise.
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