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You will feel it. When you text him and he doesn't reply as fast as before and when you ask him he gets irritated to say that he is always busy. When he becomes irritated on the things you are doing to him.
I am a man but I strongly agree with you. I have many friends who acted like that whenever there are girls who caught up their interest and whenever they are very attracted to a girl.
Knowing that your boyfriend is losing interest in you is very easy by just observing that all the things which he used to do before are very hard for him to do them again.

He will stop caring, stop calling often and stop showing you much attention. 
Your boyfriend will loose interest in you if, he is not focus in your relationship, he had something else to do rather than spending time with you.

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As a man's point of view, we, boys are losing interest to a girl if we are not having our time with them. Meaning, instead of doing something together with our girlfriend, we chose to spend our time doing something with our other friends and the worst is with other girls. These are just the common nature of man is. I just want to be honest with you but once your boyfriend is losing interest to you it means that he is attracted to some other girls or worst is he is already seeing or dating other girls. You will notice it by his own actions and on how he talked and how he spent his time with you. If he is always mad at you just because of little things and if he doesn't want to spend time with you, as if it seems like it is fine with him not seeing you around then there is something going on to your boyfriend.
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When once one isn't interested in another the signs are always there is just that sometimes we always choose to turn blind eyes but if we look closely we will see some clues.

The first sign is the person always faking being busy. A person that loves you  wouldn't be too busy for you.

Become more distant with your life's problems, a friend should be closer than you if your problem doesn't interest him then check it again.

Spend time with his male friends more than you then cross check well to be sure he isn't trying to avoid you.

He doesn't call or check on you for days and sometimes when you reach out he blank out or completely ignore need to take a second look to see if all is okay.
He isn't supportive any longer.
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You'll get the feeling that he's losing interest in you when he stops making time for you. You will notice it in the short replies, the late replies, the busy schedule, or the lack of drive to actually go out and spend time with you, even you think he can do so or worse even when you offer to go to his place instead. There will also be times when you are together but it feels like he isn't there at all--that both his heart and his mind are wandering somewhere.

The amount of effort that has made you say yes will also slowly decrease to the point where you'll start to think whether you've just been so comfortable with each other or that he's no longer happy with the relationship. This is very evident when you're the one who always make an effort to almost eveything. Something that you know hasn't happened before.

It hurts me to have to mention all of this.
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Exactly! He will practically be making all kinds of excuses for not being able to spend time with you very often. This is one of the quickest signs that you can easily point out when a guys starts losing interest in you.
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Its very easy to know. It always starts with communication. If he was calling everyday, you'll find that he's started stopped calling all over sudden and when you call, at times he ignores the call and will later on start claiming that he's been busy. You might also find that he doesn't text you often as he used to. At times he might just snob your texts.

Also, you might realisethat he's somehow changed especially on how he talks to you or behaves when you're together. You might realise that he pretends to be busy and many a times he acts as if he's avoiding you.

My piece of advice would be, stop nagging. If you call once and he doesn't pick or call you later, sort out yourself. The man doesn't want you definitely. Its just a matter of thinking outside the box.
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There are lots of signs. I usually find that physical contact is the first, he might not want to touch you or be intimate with you. The calls will get less and he will be less interested in what goes on in your life. When you love someone it is very hard to accept they may not feel the same about you and perhaps you will make excuses for the way he is behaving.

With my first break up I was very naive. I was young and did not understand why he kept criticising me. He would  say hurtful things about the way I dressed or did my make up because he was seeing me in a different light. Eventually I discovered he had met someone else which was the reason for the way he was treating me.

However, there might be other reasons for his change in behaviour, sometimes it could be school or work pressure or something else that is worrying him. Perhaps you should talk to him and find out if there is anything on his mind. You might find it is another reason altogether.
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From what I know that the female folks are more perceptive intuitively via there psychic disposition to smell a rat from afar than the male counterparts. To this end, it won't be hard for you to know if your boyfriend has lost interest in you.

Interestingly, the signs would all be there for you to see. You don't need any third party to tell you that he is longer into you. Some of the major indicators are: he has suddenly become indifferent in reaching out to you; he no longer calls or text you as he used to. And when you call him, it seems as if you are pestering him.
Additionally, he no longer finds you fun to be with maybe he now prefers hanging out with boys instead of spending time with you. Plus, and if you're together, he no longer likes to do those things that makes you happy, for example, playing with you, calling pet names etc. He has stopped being romantic.

The truth is there are thousands of indicators that you can count on in determining if your guy is still interested in you or not.
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