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I found an article on this (link gven below)  but i'm looking for reviews of different people on Cryptocurrency market's improvement ! You can consider this as an assignment given to me!

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I don't know what improvement you are talking about, but I you check the current rates for any crypto coin, they went down in about 15-25%. Only a few from all of them, keep their positions.

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The cryptocurrency market seems to be the wave of the future. However, many different governments are trying hard now to control this market. Each day you'll see so many new coins come and go. It is hard to determine which ones to invest in and which ones to stay away from. Ethereum seems to be holding its own right now, but they are still gaining and losing all the time. The markets can close down and you'll lose your investments. I've seen this with some HIYP programs where the first people who invested were the ones who made money and if you invested late in these types of programs, you normally lost part or all of your investment. The cryptocurrency is like any other currency and as you know it can either rise or fall depending on the circumstances. You'll need to really do your research before you make a large investment.

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