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Currently, there isn't one at all. it uses to be that you could live in Northern California around Modesto, Ceres, Turlock or even Hugson for a reasonable amount of money. However, the cost of living in these small town has grown so expensive that many people are leaving the state. it won't even be worth your time to move South because the closer you get to San Diego, the more expensive it will be for you. Unless you have a job where you can make over $6000 a month, you more than likely won't be able to afford to live in California. My daughter lives in San Diego and she is paying $2700 a month on rent. She is looking to leave the state and move up North to Oregon where the cost of living is reasonable and you can afford to own a home and live on one salary. The cost of living in California has gone so high that many people find out that they need to have a roommate or have a job that pays them a very large salary each month.
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There are some places that are affordable in Cailfornia like


Twentynine palms








These are some places in California that are very nice and safe place for the family or single person to live. The cost of living in these places is the lowest. These places will definitely treat you right. The salary in these places is also very good as compared to living in other parts of the state. Also if you have the luxury of choosing in the golden state then cost of living should play a role in the decision. You can compare the cost of living index in these places by visiting the following link to help understand it better. In order to understand how cost of living index works one must calculate out of 100. 90 score means that the place cost 10% less than average.
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There are no places that don't have cheaper region but one just have to be careful before moving to one because most of these places are most often than not ridden with High crime rate, low social amenities, high level of unemployment and maybe extremely heat. But then it also had it's benefits of low cost houses, less people which takes away overpopulation, cheap lifestyle and way of living.

In California places that are cheap are
Oxnard with population of about 207,000 people, rent per month is $1675.

Redlands is another cheap place with about 71000 people  and rent monthly is $1226.

Chisco is also cheap .it's has about 92 000 population and a monthly rent for a one bedroom for $842 and the median income is about $43,000

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