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Feed the kid with protenous foods like fish, eggs, beans. And also ensure to feed the kid with fruits and vegetables. Allow him/her to engage in outdoor activities so that his/her muscle become strong and well developed.

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You can make your kids grow into their potential height by giving them balanced diet. Food that contains the complete essential set of nutrients needed for tissue development and cell formation.

Height is a phenotopic character. It can be determined by genes and environment. The environment mostly diet. While genes accounts for about 60-70% of physical appearance, the environment accounts for about 30-40%.

By extension, this means that if your kids have inherited the genes for tallness from you and it is dominant triat, they grow taller. Then again, if they do not get the required nourishment, it can affect their height and prevent them from reaching their potential height. If you kid doesn't have the genes for tallness, there is barely any other method.
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Genetics is thought to account for 60-80% of a child's height. Hence, if both parents possess the gene for tallness or even if only one parent is tall, as long as it's a dominant trait, then there's a huge chance that your child will inherit the gene and exhibit tallness. This factor is something we cannot control.

On the other hand, what we can control is the remaining 20-40% that accounts for a child's height--nutritional factors. Every child, beginning infancy, should receive the nutrients necessary for their growth and development. It is best for children to be breastfed, as this impacts not only the cognitive but also the physical development of a child, especially in their first year. Moreover, parents should accustom their child to healthy and balanced diet. What they eat should be primarily composed of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. They should limit their intake of food that contains huge amount of sugar and trans fat.

According to some researches, proper sleep is also a key factor since the body releases human growth hormone while the body is resting. It is recommended for a child age 6-13 to have at least 9-11 hours of sleep. Other than this, they may also be encouraged to try yoga and other forms of stretching exercise that can elongate/straighten the spine and stretch the whole body.

All these combined can help a child reach his or her full height potential.
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In our country, there are vitamin to increase the height of a child. It is called Cherifer. As it claims, it has a Chlorella Factor, that is rich with nucleic acid, vital for the growth of a child. This vitamin promotes weight and has rich in cell nourishing nutrients. Actually, there are foods that will help you kid grow taller. With the mix of these foods for a week, it will help them to maximize the potential to grow. These are eggs, milk, Soybeans,fish, foods rich with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, nuts , cheese,  oatmeal, Spinach, carrot, chicken, whole grains, fruits, and yogurt. Sleeping at 9 am and waking up at 6 am will promote good height and weight, plus it is good for their vital organs. Exercise like stretching can help too and if they avoid lifting heavy things, it can promote to increasing their height.
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Playing basket ball helps to increase the height of the child. Basket ball, Skipping games are really increase the height of the child. A balanced diet, Yoga process, Swimming is also good. 
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Let the child have much of foods rich in protein like fish, beans, eggs. A combination of vegetables and fruits won't be bad because the more body cells multiply the more the child grows, let the child also have adequate rest especially after meals. 
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As kids are actively growing, you need to provide foods of different classes including carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Give proteins in good and balanced quantities as it enhances growth and repair of worn out tissues. Provide water and green leafy vegetables. 
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