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Gratitude shouldn't only be expressed during grand events; rather, this should emanate even with the littlest of things. As for me, I am always thankful whenever I can go to the office on time because traffic in our area seems to be getting worse. Each time I don't have to walk a long way from home to office is something so magnificent that I have decided to make a tally for times I was late, and times that I wasn't. Instead of whining about such things, I just tell myself that things could have been worse than this. I'm lucky that I'm only facing heavy traffic.

For the past few days, I have been so depressed that I decided to distance myself from people, even from my family and friends. There are times when I will not respond to their message, and worse, I will totally cut any form of communication. But even though I have been so distant, they didn't give up on me and continued supporting me. This, I will forever be thankful. From that day on, I do make a point to always send them a thank-you message to let them know that I appreciate them, and everything they've done for me.
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I start it with me. Everyday, when I wake up, I say a little prayer. I pray for God's blessing. I even pray for my loved one and thank him for all the blessing they are experiencing. Whenever I eat food, I say thank you God. When I go safe, wherever I go, I say thanks to God. I practice and starts with me. When I have ample blessing, I share it. That is how I am showing my gratitude. I do it everyday so that the blessing will continue. God will return all the good deeds you share to people around you. When the gift is coming from God, he will not give in one fold, he could give in many folds, so I practice gratitude. Even I received something I am not expecting, I still feel thankful that there is something for me. It always starts with  us. We should always feel thankful. Appreciation will always starts with us.
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Gratitude depends in how one has been brought up by the parents and how you have are practising each everyday. Parents are the one's who play a crucial part when it comes to etiquette mostly when the kids are pretty young. As a good parent it's good to tell your kids how and when they should show appreciation. Like for instance, when someone has done you some small favour, it's good to be thankful, also, when given something, it's good to show some gratitude among other favours.

Gratitude tells much about a person and can describe your characters. Besides in this current society, people with good etiquette mostly the grateful one's are viewed as "special" people in some way. In this generation parents have forgotten their roles of instilling good morals in their kids.
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Gratitude should come naturally if you have been raised to be grateful for the things you have in life. I think my parents taught me well and I am very grateful for the things I have especially when I see people so much worse off than myself. There are so many horrible situations I could have been born into but I have a comfortable life. I'm not rich and there lots of things I would like that I'll probably never have but I have a roof over my head, food on the table and the love of my family.  That makes me rich.

We can show gratitude in so many different ways in our day to day lives.  Only yesterday someone held a door open for me because I was laden with shopping bags. I thanked him because he could have easily walked straight by and allowed me to struggle.  I have heard it say that gratitude shows a humble heart so we should all stop moaning about things that don't really matter and be grateful for what we have,
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I think gratitude comes from the individual first. For me, I appreciate myself, my existence, the major and all the little things I have to put up with. Then I extend this gratitude to the people around me and the world at large.
Even for people who weren't raised that way, once they learn to appreciate themselves, when people show unto them act of kindness, subsequently they would learn to be grateful and start returning favours. In life, we need to appreciate every little thing because those are the pieces that make up a large puzzle.
Also, when you are humble and content, gratitude is a feeling that comes so easy and you'll look no further within. Sometimes I feel like I'm not even showing enough appreciation to the things that matter.

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