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image Manu people in India are rash drivers, with little regard for traffic rules. Driving on Indian roads is like an ultimate test of patience. It's very hard to stay calm and not to abuse anyone. Are you a calm driver?

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I am not yet a driver but one day when I buy one I will surely be a calm driver. I am always calm in all I do. 

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Yes I think I am a calm driver although not particularly confident in unfamiliar places, I don't shout at other drivers, I'm not continually blowing the horn and I don't overtake in stupid places so I would say I was pretty calm.

However I notice that road rage has become very common these days with people shouting at each other because they feel they are being held up. In most cases there is nothing we can do if we are stuck in a traffic jam so all the shouting and horn blowing won't do any good. It's best just to stay calm until it starts to move again. It can be annoying to be stuck behind a slow moving vehicle but best to stay behind it rather than get impatient and cause an accident.

If I feel I need to be somewhere on time I always leave a little earlier to allow for any traffic delays and that way I don't feel stressed and arrive at my destination in a calm state of mind,
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Sincerely speaking, I am a calm driver and also not a calm driver, it all depends on the situation I find myself. I find it pretty difficult to have my temper under control whenever I am on the highway especially when I am on my  way to work in the morning.

With the traffic congestion and the hustle and bustle that often goes with the rush hour that the city I am residing is known for, it's becomes unbearable for me to calm my nerves when someone with no road traffic consciousness is trying to maneuver his way through my path, and this seriously get me irksome. In cases like this, I feel like I should come down from my car and confront the traffic offender, and if I can't there is this uncontrollable urge to haul an insult at the offender.

However, I am not trying to say that is right to act the way I am easily irritated with traffic offenders. But I am somewhat in a calmer mood when the traffic is slowly moving and every road users are considerate with their fellow road users, and not trying to meander though the steadily moving cars on the traffic.
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I understand this kind of anger that can spur on when we are driving on the road. This is something that we should always take a look at when driving. However, you should try to control your anger as well. 
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I totally agree with the image. It is completely true that each and every road is filled with rash drives and I would say idiot drivers. These are the drivers, who are always in hurry and use to drive like a snake and just a little pause in the traffic they start honking. All these behaviors are very irritating and annoying. 

I don't understand, do they are the only one who wants to drive fast and reach their destination as soon as possible? Is it not allowed to drive on the road who are normal and decent drivers. I mean why they do so if these people are in so much hurry then why don't they leave for their destination early. 

These rash drivers are the real tester of human patience. It only and only up to you that how much you can tolerate it and you will find yourself lucky that in that particular day you reach at your home alive and safe

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I encounter irrational driver's daily on my route too here in my country and I have come to realize that the only way to deal with them is staying calm.  I'm one person that doesn't follow the bandwagon I hardly do what others are doing, what I do is to study a situation and calmly see how I can really deal with it.

I have noticed that most rash drivers are drunks and illiterates so I don't have to join issues with them,so I take my time to drive while giving them their way to go on with their rashness but the people I used to pity are their passengers since  I realize such drivers are always commercial vehicle drivers which are mostly stouts and miscreats.

I know the importance of driving calmly so I apply that. It better to get late than be a late.
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When it comes to driving, I will say that it is something that I have learnt that doing in the safest and calm mind is what is needed. As far as I am concerned, we all make mistakes especially when we are driving because there are always chances that you may not really understanding what the other driver is trying to make you understand.

So, being calm and listening to what they want to say is vital since it will help you to learn one or two things about the rules that are laid for drivers and road users in general. Most of the times when I walk by the road and see some drivers abusing one another, it makes me feel bad since in those situations, you get to see that there is even no need for use of hate words. If I am in the shoe of any driver, the best thing that I will do is to relax my mind and focus on having a safe trip.
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I am not fully driving yet, I am still on my learner license. But, I have experience driving already few times on the road with my driver instructor. And I may say that I am a patient driver, and I know the road is not just for me,it is for everyone who drove a vehicles.So, we must learn how to give way, and learn how be patient.Most accidents happens when we don't know how to be patient or to calm down when we are driving.

I was impress with myself on my first day of driving,though it wasn't perfect but,I can say I can drive calmly without fear. This is because I really want to learn how to drive.

When my partner drive and I am on the passenger seat, I notice he is calm but when there are bad drivers and he easily get stressed out, this is something needed to avoid because this could cause any accident. I always reminded my partner to stop stressing out, and then he will defend on me that I just say it because I am not a driver. People just don't give reasons,just be calm please.
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We should always try to drive with patient while on the road. This is something that is necessary since it is going to save us a lot of stress and accident issues at the end. 

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