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The first thing that comes to my mind about robots is that, these are automated systems designed to take over the responsibilities of man. They are made to perform the functions of humans. And their presence portend both positives and negatives. Positives in the sense that they make work easier for man, negatives as they are gradually taking over the work once meant for man, hence leading to massive unemployment at work places.
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Robot, a built in machine that is look likes human form or anything that  can do a job for you.
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The first thing that comes to mind about a robot is that it is a machine, it has been made in such a way to help people with chores and run errands around the house.

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When it comes to robots, the first thing I think is machines, technological advancements and artificial intelligence. At least that is what I feel they are. Over time there have been inventions upon innovations. Robots used to look like an infusion of wires and metal parts. However, now, they are starting to look more like the organic human form. Not just that, they have gone from simple easy task to more complex ones to the extent that they have started to displace humans within the workforce.
In the end they are still machines. Creations of man that have evolved through advanced technology to make life process easier. There are widely shared opinions that robots can become a huge threat to the human race in future while others do not share same views.
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When I hear of Robot,I think of help to humanity because that's what the whole idea of having a robot in place is all about .Right from time immemorial Robot were designed to assist humans in many things and now they have evolved to be very sophisticated and unique.
Robots now have taken over very tedious and hazardous jobs from humans and even work in more unfriendly environment and weather where humans might have found it pretty difficult.

They can deal with repetitive jobs that might have been very boring for humans.They will help to lift heavy loads and toxic substances that would have been detrimental to humans health.

Robots can be used to do almost all dirty jobs that might not have interested any human despite the money to be paid. I like the innovations in the industry now.
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I still remember when I was in high school that these robots became the talk of the town. Basically, during those times we thought they were just high level machines that were programed to assist humans in various activities, especially when carrying out tasks that are far too harmful. Back then we were taught that the main difference of humans to robots were the fact that they are still, in essence, being controlled by humans; hence, they aren't capable of making sound judgments. Also, when these programs get messed up, robots will no longer be functional.

However, the game has changed as technology became more advanced. We even have robots that are now capable of expressing human emotions. Who would have thought that will happen? We certainly didn't back then. And unlike the old premise that they're just there to assist, they are replacing human workers, and will continue to do so if policies will not be put in place immediately. Then again, majority still argue that there are still areas where human performance cannot be matched by these machines.
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The first thing that came to my mind is they will do some of the work that the human being will not try working on, or they are served as additional work force in a very busy environment. I have seen some of the movies that have robots in there. One of the example is Star Wars. I am not fascinated by it. It just an additional workforce that will follow whatever you dictate. it doesn't sound all good to me. Most of I watched are robots from Sci-Fi movies, too far from reality that is why I didn't enjoy the presence of robots, though they are much needed in the film. Whatever I am watching Japan documentary, they are showing everyone how a robot could help you in the household, but the problem is, they are not cheap. The maker will surely sell it for higher price.
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This reminds me with the American series "Human" which a human looking are robots. When I think of robots, they machine made, installed a chipset in it. And on that chipset, that's where the memory store like human brains. Everything there is pre recorded and will function according to how the human interacts. The robots are intended to work for heavy machinery stuff. Because they made with metals and with cords inside them, they will function as slow than human. They will talk not just like human, they can interact but, limited. They only follow what human commands them to do.

I want a robot that will do stuff for me at home like cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, laundry job and others. But, that will make me lazy, I only tend to relax for a while so, robots are replacement when we are tired of doing thins repeatedly everyday. Unlike humans, robot do not feel anything. They will become malfunctions if they work too hard just like humans too.
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When the name Robot is mentioned the next that rings in my mind is positive and negative impacts of technology advancement.  No doubt the launch of robot has made life easier for us in some many areas and also reduce the death rate drastically especially in terms of war, heavy jobs like coupling of cars  and other harzadous tasks that are needed to be done.
The sophisticated robots that now perform most emotional and romantic activities that human beings ordinarily should perform only keeps me amazing that robots can be turn to anything
The sad part of robots is that they can only be actively used in the developed countries where there economy is stable but in the developing countries it will have negative impact that can lead to job losses.
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Robots! Let's see. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear robots are advancing technology, the power of the human brain, artificial intelligence, and most importantly, the future. Robotics are without any doubt the future. With the growing quest of achieving artificial intelligence, the subject on robotics are gradually becoming a norm in the society. Experts believe achieving robotic artificial intelligence will help shape the future of man. Robots are suppose to help man achieve the impossible by aiding us in solving complex issues and also tending to man needs as they will be programed to take take on several task in the society. These are the good thoughts that comes to my mind when I hear robots. 

On a negative thought, i think robotic artificial intelligence will someday be of great risk to man if we continue on the path of making them more advanced than we already have achieved. There's a universal quote that reads, for every problem solves, another problem comes out of the solution. Relating this to this topic will mean that the more advanced the robots get, the more problems we are likely to cause upon ourselves. 

Take this for instance. Artificial intelligence robots when ushered to the society are meant to help humans work and solve complex issues arising. This means that in the nearest future, humans will have to compete with artificial intelligence in the labor market. Think of the problems this will generate. They are going to be smarter and more intelligent than humans, and the best part is that money won't have to be spent on them like on humans with regards to wages and salaries. This is going to definitely affect the work force of the human populace which will lead to increased unemployment. 

Secondly, i strongly believe that at some point, soldiers or security forces will be made out of artificial intelligent robots. These robots will be designed with specific programs that will control their every action through probabilities and odds. Unlike humans, they will lack basic instincts and impulse to respond to certain situations. Take for example, a soldier fighting in a distant city to liberate a town under attack will able to tell the difference between hostiles and civilians. A robot too will able to tell the difference. What matters in a situation like this will be the approach. A human will not be willing to destroyed an entire building because hostiles probably outnumber the civilians and are holding them as hostages. A robot on the other hand will work on probability. And if by the robot's calculations the odds are against the hostages, the robot will act by destroying the building given the threat those hostiles pose to the entire surrounding. 

The above mentioned are just a few situations where I think robotics will someday fail man if we engage them fully in the society. 

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