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Sincerely, I have mixed feelings about robots. I see them as both helpful to man and also as a threat to man's employment.  Without doubt, they are going to come handy in assisting man in carrying out his activities, but what would happen if such tasks meant for human is handed over to robots? 
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Definitely, it's very worrying on how man would fare when it's jobs are completely handed over to artificial intelligence. What would be the fate of man and their survival? I hope this doesn't happen till we are ready for it because now, I'm perfectly sure we are not ready for it. 

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Definitely. Robots are the future, no doubt about that. Coming from a technology background, I can vouch that Artificial Intelligence or AI as they call it is the most trending and widely accepted technology of this era. Many companies world wide have started investing on artificial intelligence to incorporate and create real time AI gadgets like Robots, drones etc.

There are already a couple of robots designed in countries like US, Saudi Arabia with press meets and demo of the robot. Robots are not new inventions to this world. The oldest and the very first robot was built in 1954 by a George Devol and it was purchased by General Motors. More recently, robot Sophia developed by Hong-Kong, was declared the citizen of Saudi Arabia.
Robots can just about do anything. From making waffles to being security guards at a mall, their artificial intelligence pool has many facets to count. They will be of a great help to mankind.
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They might be of great help to mankind in some ways,  but definitely not in the manner of how you explained it, robots will disrupt the workforce and cause a rise in unemployment if most companies begin employing robots to execute actual jobs.  

For the record, Sophia the robot was created by David Hanson of Hanson robotics based in Hong King. 
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It is good if robots are designed to help the humans in living their life to their success but if it design to wreck or kill a person, then it is not. Robots could be an additional workforce in the company like you can set the speed to times two and the robot will do the photocopying or as a liaison officer inside the office only. Japan is the first country that comes to my mind when we are talking about robot. They even designed a robot that could be your wife or girlfriend. The internal is robot but the covering is like human skin. They can even mimic a smile and a laugh. They are good in keeping you company. In general, robots is a great help and I just hope makers will design them with a heart and compassion like human so you can be friends with them but it needs a charging.
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From the looks of recent times with the tremendous amount of interest shown on robots by developers, investors and individuals, robots are unarguably the future, a future which might be detrimental to humans if we continue with our unrelenting quest for achieving absolute artificial intelligence.

The majority of people will disagree with my opinion on the possible dangers artificial intelligence poses to us in the nearest future, and it's because we think we have and will always have total control over them, after all we created them they will say.

The whole idea about artificial intelligence is to create something far more intelligent and complex than that of the human mind. This only shows that robots will be smarter, more intelligent and stronger than man. Remember that history has shown us that every intelligent species has a way of always taking control and assuming authority over lesser intelligent species. Wouldn't this be the case? , Also, like every other man's invention, robots will be prone to defaults. They might malfunction and are also vulnerable to hacks. Imagine what can happen when such is the case. Am not against advancement but I think we've already gone too far with inventing humanoids. Take the sex dolls for instance, it has reduced man's morality and dignity to an all time low.

Basic robotics with basic functions like the common ones found everywhere today on the other hand are perfect and will continue be of great help to man in the future.
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It is not arguable the tremendous aid, and contributions that robots have now and eventually will in future. I've seen that robots can even be programmed to make omelettes and much more complex functions. However, it is arguable whether this aid is completely beneficial to the human race or what the race really needs.

Yes we need advancement quite alright. I've heard several theories that these robots can never outsmart the makers. Well..... that aside. What about when these robots dominate the labor force since they are mostly designed for that. What happens to the human population originally occupying  that space?

I don't think that we would become sustained to the extent where we don't need to work. That would be creating perhaps a different world order with more problems than what already exists.
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No they won't be of any help but rather will make people very lazy and also making people lose their jobs. Look at what the invention of computers caused, lots of people keep losing their jobs everyday. With the application of both robots and computers, most people will end up being jobless unless they engage themselves in the invention too which isn't possible to all.

On the other hand, some people will get jobs especially those who are skilled and good when it comes to technology. Either way, we don't have any other way out other than embracing change and understand that's how the world is moving. People also need not to rely on the robots so much and fail to their there roles. Working has been part of human being and hence we shouldn't become lazy because of robots.
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Sure they will be a great help if their functions will be limited into assisting man with the works they do. Most developers point out that people should not fear the coming of robots, as they will only be a tool to accomplish basic tasks that are not that worthy of human's attention. This will then lead into devoting higher and more complex tasks to humans.

However, although such is the case, it still can't be denied that the massive invention of robots will cause unemployment in every aspect of the workforce. Companies will begin to invest more on them thinking that robots can outperform humans and that they can do work more efficiently. With the advancement of technology, these current edge of robots against humans will still progress, and they may then begin displacing more people in the workforce.
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Robot is no doubt a advance technological innovation with artificial intelligence. Capable of delivering a work more efficiently and less fatigue.

The fifth age of computer is very important to human existence since its discovery is able to promote and increase the accuracy of output with great efficiency.

Robot will reduce a lot of work force and render many people jobless because one robot is designed to perform a function of not less than 5men with ease.

Though, everything with advantage sure has its disadvantages but the disadvantages of using a robot is far better even economically compared to not having it.

There is a major robot drone designed recently in China to make efficient delivery of ordered product at the customer's door step. With such achievement, a lot of sales personel's job will be lost. But it is more efficient and advance to even promote more sales.
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When it comes to how efficient and effective the use of robots could be in the future, it's definitely something that would add a lot of excitement and expertise in carrying out human jobs adequately without much stress and still do it even better than men could ever do it.
One good thing about the use of robots in the world today is that they are simply machines of artificial intelligence which never gets tired of working or that would have attitude to working like most human beings does when given a difficult task to carry out. As long as the robots are in good shape with being properly serviced and maintained, they would work tirelessly until all the jobs delegated to them are done and dusted. Robots and drones are the future of man.
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I have doubt that robots ate very helpful in the future since it's predictable that robots will replaced human jobs. And if robots will invade human jobs, what will happen to humans? A lot of us will loose jobs and end up no income. And how can we accept that robots replaced humans, when human created robots. If you have seen the series of humans, the world will be like that. You will never know who is important anymore; human or robots.

Robots are good inventions but, replacing human jobs it will be human lost. It is okay to use robots for other stuffs like assisting human jobs and that way, robots will be helpful. For now, robots are being tested and we will never know what will be our future with there robots. It might be helpful or a chaos.

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