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How can I do it? I would like to get some app which will allow me to download some videos from Youtube and other websites
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Hi there! I would recommend you to check out the application from With its help, you will be able to download any video or music track from YouTube to your computer and use it for whatever reason you need. I personally prefer such tools to some onile solutions as they are much more elaborated and reliable. I think you will find it helpful to you too ;)

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Yes, it's possible. You can easily download Youtube videos to your PC. There are lots of software and websites that are available in the market through which you can download videos from any applications or website.
As I also download videos from Youtube and Pornhub website from It provides an excellent platform from where you can download videos from Youtube and other websites within a minute.
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They have many paid and free downloaders that you can use to download files from YouTube or any other video sharing site. You can choose to use an online download service or download and install an app on your computer.
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there's a lot of way to download youtube videos you can try UCBROSWER for pc where you can download any videos on any websites once you play the video the download button will show up for you to get the video. you can do that not just in youtube. it is also available in android.  if just in case you want to download videos using your android phone you can also try snaptube you can find that app by searching it in google.
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Yah its possible to download videos in  youtube with your laptop what is important do is to open your firefox mozila click  on menu  bar and then go to Add-ons

and then click Extension, you will see a space that allow you to write something and search on the top of right of your browse.

Now you any software for downloading a videos, But the software must supported by MOZILA FIRE FOX  and compacted with Youtube

Just write YOUTUBE  VIDEO DOWLOADER  and then click enter . NOW you will sea a lot of software that supported by youtube , What is important here is to chose  one which you think is the best by considering a number of views if presents.

Lastly click the software and then click the download bar and then follow the instruction to complete the steps.

Finally restart your browse and then go to youtube to start downloading your videos.
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I have a downloader and it is called Convert to Mp3. This is what I do when I am using it on my phone. I click the video I want to download and then I click share. Once I click share it gets me to the part when I will copy the link. I open Convert to MP3 and paste the link there. I choose an option if it is for MP3 or MP4 (video). Once I already have it, I click convert then it will start downloading. There are lots of Youtube downloader available online but this one, Convert to MP3 I have been using this since 2015 and so far the songs that it download are all complete, unlike other downloader that will give you part of the song or you can only hear the start of the song , not the whole song. The experience is good that is why I continue using it.
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There's a lot of ways you can download Youtube videos. I will share what I am using. I used YTD or Youtube Download, you search it via Google download it. It's exclusive for Youtube videos only. I am using an extension for my browser Firefox and Chrome, you have to go to the settings in your browser and select Manage Extensions. Right there you add or removed any extension you like. For downloading video look for Video downloader and add it to your extension. Once it done, you can it on top of your browser an arrow pointing down.  You can download any videos, even movies you like wherever sites you visit. To used it, just play the video you want to download, any available video will show up on the arrow right on top of the browser, click it and choose which video you want to download. Once it finished, it will automatically saved to your download folder in your computer.
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Of course yes, it's very possible for you to download any kind of YouTube video to your personal computer. It's not even on only your personal computer that you can be able to download YouTube video but also on any android or iOS smartphone device which you used to connect to YouTube and watch any video of your choice.
Normally, there are some internet browsers that can allow you to be able to to download YouTube videos. An example of this internet browser is UC browser. I have used it several times to connect to YouTube on more than one occasion and I was able to use it to download the videos I needed from the social media site. It actually works on any social media site and not only on YouTube. I have used it to download videos from Facebook.
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You can download YouTube video to your pc with online and desktop video downloader.I recommend Leawo because it allows you to download and convert youtube video for Win or Mac.

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To download youtube videos to PC, start by downloading and installing 4k Video downloader to tour computer. This is completely free software.
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Yes it is possible to download the videos from YouTube. You can use various online websites, or windows software, or even use the command prompt/power shell/ command line to download the videos. 

You can download the videos in mp4, mp3, and other different formats as per your requirements in HD quality.

For example if you want to download the video online then you can use the website flvto(search in google) or else other websites that google provide from which almost all websites work. 

YouTube downloader is the windows software and youtube-dl is the command to download from the cmd, you will need to download the script for youtube-dl from internet.

Hope this helps.
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