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Well, we shouldn't be completely afraid but we should be worried about some of the negative effects they would bring to our society. 

They are good but not totally harmless as every good thing comes with both advantages and disadvantages. 

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When you say robots, I'm assuming you're talking about artificial intelligence in general. This is a very contentious topic even among experts, so I want to stress this is just based on my opinion and vague understanding of things. There are two important issues here: automation and existential risk.

Until recently, innovation has been seen as a good thing that creates more and better opportunities in the long-term, even if it costs low-skilled jobs in the short-term. Things seem to be changing now, however, as technology is destroying far more jobs than it creates. This article, for example, argues that about 47% of U.S. employment is at risk. This and other pieces of evidence strongly suggest that we should take this issue seriously in the next few years. Universal basic income is one proposed solution.

Then there's existential risk, an even more controversial topic due to its speculative nature. It's the idea that A.I. could eventually lead to great harm, maybe even human extinction, due to unintended consequences. This may sound like science fiction, but there are lots of good arguments from A.I. researchers and philosophers that you might want to look into. What should we do about it though? I don't really know, sadly.

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I don't think we should be afraid of anything,I really used to doubt that having the robots would bring any thing bad.All we need do is to apply wisdom because whatever bad may comes out,then it will definitely be human error or failure.

Robots don't work on their own,they're directed by humans,so humans should make sure they're used to our own good and advantage.

Even with Jobs, no need throwing humans out of their jobs but robots should be seen as assistants. Instead of the long hours of work for humans which wear them out and reduce their living age,the working time can be reduced by 3-5 hours daily while using robots during those times. The Robots should be mostly used where humans can't make much impact and where jobs needs intense energy.
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Looking at this issue from critical perspective of how things are done currently at the work places, we would undoubtedly foresee the risks and dangers looming from the horizon. With the constant and progressive innovative usage of automated systems in many establishments, it's seemingly pretty difficult for young school levers to secure sustainable payable employments.

Apparently, so many job opportunities are at risk. With prevalence of robotics, human efforts are less needed in places they where once valued. And this erosion of human inputs in many organizations has led to massive loss of job opportunities. And from look of this, with the data on ground, it is probable that a time is going to come in the future where humans would be become redundant and thus extinct from the workforce.

Personally, the harm done by the robots has outweighed the good as initially intended by the inventors, and if care is not taken to forestall the monumental damage they pose, we are going to wake up one day and the work places would be taken over by them.
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I agree with you, robots can be a replacement for some other jobs and human can lose their job. With these, there willing be time that human is no longer needed and robots will replaced everything in this world.
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By robots you mean artificial intelligence, automated systems. The advancement of artificial intelligence with respect to global development makes it a little vague to say the least to completely ascertain the pros and cons. There's a lot that automated system has done for humans in all spheres of life so I would be skeptical to say that we should be afraid of robots.

I would rather say that we should be cautious. We can see that robots in some western economies are already displacing human capacity. In my opinion, this is causing an imbalance in sustainasustainance of the society.

Robot are made by humans but can we say that robots are more intelligent than humans? If so,  we cannot say they they have the brain and mind of humans. Perhaps they can be as smart in our quest for perfection. I think caution needs to be taken when we seek to advance these artificial intelligence.
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Robits created by himan, abd in time human will no longer exist if robots will replaced.
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Until the robot is not design to kill everyone that it could meet in the street, we should not be afraid of robots. I watched a movie about robot that was design to hurt people in the long run and I wonder it could happen in the future because there are robots from present days now. Robots can help us in so many ways, actually if it design to help us with work and household chores, then it could. It could be a life saver. I hope it could detect emotions so that you can have a companion or just have someone to talk with that will not judge you. I am not afraid of robot. I am afraid to damage or wreck the robot when  don't know how to operate and handle it. For me, robot is there as an additional hand and brain to human beings. Until it is not design to kill, we should not be afraid.
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This reminds me of AXL the movie I just watched. True, that as long as the robot not set to kill anyone, it will be no harm.
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Most of the people have the same doubt about the future of artificial intelligence and robotics. A lot of confusions and we are scaring about whether artificial intelligence and robotics will reduce or completely take over human tasks.

I think its total misjudgment. Artificial intelligence and robotics can't completely wipe away the opportunities. The future of artificial intelligence and robotics is bright. People get help from this machines at every step. This machines can act and behave like a human being. It can make decisions by own and learn by one. 

Not only in industrial or working areas it also create some good impact in personal life too like supporting them elders and much more. Their intelligence is similar to human brain.

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Yes, I have doubts too and these might not good for human in the future. 
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Well, in my opinion I think that we should really consider the possibility of these robots posing some sort of danger to the human existence even though they are all human beings invention. There is no doubt about how beneficial and important these robots and machines has been very helpful in doing a lot of things.

There are robots that are designed and programmable to do all human works which is posing as a huge threat to the job industry because with just one functional robot, it is very capable of taking more than 20 people's job.

So, you can imagine the kind of negative impact that these robots would cause in the labor market. It's safe but then again on the other hand it's not harmless. Also, there are cases of hacks with these robots and they are used to commit all sorts of crimes.

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