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There are many important applications of artificial intelligence; problems that would otherwise be very hard or impossible to solve by traditional approaches. This includes image and speech recognition, translation engines, data analysis and prediction, etc. It also opens up many possibilities that could have huge impacts on our lives, for better or worse: autonomous drones; self-driving cars; computer vision algorithms that can detect faces, targets, and other objects; medical diagnosis; financial market analysis; etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to A.I. applications, and you bet companies will try their hardest to find innovative technologies that ease their lives and allow them to be as productive or even more productive without as many human workers. Plus, there are many things computers simply do better than humans such as number-crunching (i.e., data analysis, optimization), so there's no reason not to use A.I. in these domains.
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Artificial intelligent can help as backup or proxy, but we need emotions, critical thinking and judgment, and of course, our life's experiences in making things happen in this world. Artificial intelligent is a product of a smart brain, but can we put on emotion on that? what if one of it was damaged by a water or low in energy level it will stop moving and working? It is only good when it is charged and if there is an automatic settings of doing the things they are expected to do. They could not give a wise decision ranging from experience. They cannot strategize. They are just set to solve a specific day to day problem but once it changes you need to alter whatever settings you had done. Human beings can do all this things but they could die with struggle and hardships.
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Artificial intelligence is of course important. We would not have been where we are today if not for artificial intelligence. It matters a lot. Although humans are capable of so many great things and artificial intelligence is in fact the product of human intelligence. The level of attachment and reliance is making it almost impossible.
Think about the aspect of medicine and health alone. The diagnosis, the medical equipment, research, surgical procedures etc have been made possible with the use of artificial intelligence. Computer programming, data analysis, a lot that would have made life backwards, static and uncivilized as it was without them.
Man would definitely survive and adapt but we all know that life is much more better and convenient with artificial intelligence.
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Am more than certain that when you stated artificial intelligence, you're referring to robots. If that be the case, I honestly don't think we need that kind of presence in our society.

The majority of people will see artificial intelligence as a great strive for man, don't get me wrong, I actually believe it's a great strive, but our world today isn't quiet ready for such changes as I believe it will cause more harm than good to us. One very good example is workforce.

Imagine a society with artificial intelligence competing in the labour market. Then imagine them working more jobs instead of actual people. What do you think will happen to the labour force? There's going to be a breakdown in society as it will lead to high rate of unemployment. This is just one instance. How about when we begin to look deeper into the subject?
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In my candid opinion, I thinker need artificial intelligence to perform certain duties that an ordinary man cannot do. And since it even promotes more efficiency, I think it's 9f greater advantages to humanity.

Recently, I watched a particular documentary by the Chinese about robot waiter system. I was actually amazed and impressed with the development. Once a customer place a order through his downloaded softwa43 on his smartphone. The android waiter w8ll just take the food direct to him or her. It is actually amazing and of course attracts more customers.
Though it must have its own advantages but I'm sure the technological age needs it most greatly.
Many of v our industries today requires such kind of efficient device to change the phace and paste ofc
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Since my money are quite all digital,i have allot of technical prblems with how i manege them:passwords,low internet speed,sometime not internet at all,sometimes i wonder if those are realy my money,since i cannot have toal control of them.I think this sociey is not technicaly ready yet to trust virtual intelligence fully,WE NEED PEOPLE'S INTELLIGENCE!
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I think we need to have AIs in our lives. It is because we are entering the 5th Industrial Revolution soon. We need to embrace the modern changes in our lives.
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Yes, AI is needed. It is used in various fields like medical, robotics,home security, industrial sectors etc. Some technology changes have good impact on the society.
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When it comes down to solving problems, Artificial intelligence also out can unbiased, unemotional decision,based only on data and statistics,NO human being can be as Data driven as Artificial intelligence.
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We actually need it for convenience, but the bad thing it do is it substitute a man's job. We need it because technology increases and people hate to be missed out.
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The most comprehended answer is no. Artificial intelligence is created by humans and we can create it again and again but artificial intelligence can't create us. That means we're more powerful and intelligent than artificial ones. We got original intelligence. Now a days, it matters a lot because all of use are dependent on social media and internet. Our world has been converted into a global village.
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