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I think this depends on what your definition of easy is. Because as long as you like what you're doing, then you won't see it as something tough to begin with.

Now if you're referring to easy, as in you'll never have to think much, then you may perhaps want to try answering surveys. There are a lot of international market surveys available, and even in your own country. You just have to Google your way to these sites. However, it might take awhile before you earn a lot and request for payout.

If you perhaps have passion for arts then you may consider giving online classes say for music or art.

Moreover, you can also try joining other forums. That would be rather easy if you'll only answer the questions, which you think you can relate with.

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Most unskilled online jobs are very easy, you don't need technical skill or skills at all to complete them for money.All what you need mostly is time and energy. But problem with some of them is that there are Geo targeted but if you're in the US,Canada,UK most tier one countries then you don't have much problems because it mostly jobs for those location.

Easy offers are reviewing can try for this task.

Listening or watching videos: you can try swagbuck for this and the pay is good.

If you like to just click on ads, then you can click away on NEOBUX.COM

If you will like to transcribe audios then try scribime.

If you love to express your thoughts through commenting on issues and maybe sharing your problems for discussion you sign up to forums like forum coin,postloop etc.
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Yes there are several online jobs which are easy like PTC sites. The earnings from PTC sites are very less but at least you can make something. But then, no one wants to spend almost forever making some few cents. I will suggest to you that you try PTP sites. So far we have like five PTP sites that accept members worldwide and doesn't require much when you want to join. Some of those PTP sites include, beer money forum, digital global, forum coin and finally your cash chat. With these at least  you can be guaranteed $15 monthly. As long as you understand basic English then you're good to go.

Also, another easy category of working online is surveys. People are making very good cash from surveys but then this is very selective on geographical location since only the top tier countries have priority.

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