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I would like to get your opinion on some speed tests which you like and can recommend me
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Hi there! I personally recommend you to use speedtest or the test tool from I think it is one of the best ones you can use for free these days. You will surely like using it too, good luck ;)

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Use the site to know the accurate internet connection speed. It will show you the ping rate, download speed and upload speeds. You can also check for speeds from various servers. It is one of the popular internet speed testing site.
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There are many free online speed testers available. I'd suggest that you run 2 or 3 of them to get an average of your download and upload speeds. The test can vary slightly, but overall they will give you an accurate reading of your network connection speeds.
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If you want to know your precise internet speed connection, the most reliable website where you can check your speed is the This site can measure your Download Speed, Upload Speed, MS(Ping). You just need to click or select the correct server to avoid confusions, There are people just simply use what is the recommended because usually, those are the nearest server to you.

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