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Not even in workplace, even in life in general, how important is appreciation?
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Appreciation motivates the co-worker to strive further and to excel in the workplace.

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In every work place, they are certain behavioral standards (ethics) which should be put in place and exercised as every different working situation requires, by both the employers and employees. A universal example of such ethics will be incentives.

Incentives can be anything, something put in place and serving to induce or motivate. In a work place, incentive will mean inclusion on reward, that motivates effort. If we go by the standard definition of appreciation, you'd find that appreciation falls under the classification of reward or incentives. It may or may not be in a tangible form.

Drawing from the above, appreciation can be said to be the most important act or show of gratitude towards any work done. Asides from the boss's contempt on the work done, which it signals to the worker, it also will help as explained above, motivate workers towards accepting and executing future works to the best of their abilities.

You can say it's of utmost important that every work place practice the act appreciating employees and work done as it will serve as a driving force to compel more work done in the manner expected.
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We don't have incentives that is why it is hard to work when you are not appreciated. Maybe the incentive is an over time pay and sometimes the food but it never happens at present . I just need someone to tell me I am doing a good job.
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It sounds like your work environment isn't a favorable one with regards to appreciation. Dear, sometimes you don't need a pep talk to be motivated. Just listen to those inner voices in you, which is saying you're really doing a good job. A prophet doesn't need to be told his one, he already knows how to see. 
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I love your advise. Yes, I just need to listen to the inner me, of what it really says about me. Actually it says that I am best in what I love to do and I am very helpful, so I will just tap myself at the back.
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Appreciation is very important, showing appreciation for anything received or good deeds done to you by another means that you want the person to even do more.

Even God admonished us to always appreciate him to receive more blessings. Personally I have experienced the act of more gifts because of appreciating a giver for giving some stuff and fortunately he was really in a good mood that day and I got more gifts. Any ungrateful person will not progress because one will be seen as an ingrate that doesn't deserve anyone help or gifts.

It pertinent to always show appreciation for all help and gift received be it in the work place,home or outside the home.

It help to portray the receiver in a good light and it also help one to receive more of anything in the future.
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In addition, it will also make you feel content or satisfied in the job you are because the boss or person higher than you are acknowledging the talent and skills you had shared to the company.
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It's very important because if an employee doesn't feel appreciated he will not be motivated to do his best, You often hear people complain that they are just a number and as long as the work gets done it doesn't matter who does it. No one likes to feel that they are indispensable so this kind of attitude will lower the morale of staff.

When I look back I think the jobs where I have been happiest are those where I had a good relationship with my superiors. They made me feel as if they couldn't do without me and even if it wasn't true it made me want to do better so a good working relationship with people who value your work performance is very important. It makes it worth getting out of bed each day rather than having to force yourself to go to work to a place where no one appreciates you.
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In our workplace, our Supervisor is a good person. I think she appreciates our hardwork but she is not that vocal about it. The one higher than her, which is our boss, she is the one that never believes on us, especially if we begin to reason out. That is the reason I felt uncomfortable now. 
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This is so important for a business owner to show appreciation to their employees. It is the people who work for the company that makes the money for this company. If this company didn't have good people working for them, they would end up closing the doors. The only way to keep your employees happy is to show them how much you appreciate what they are doing. This could be in a form of a small surprise party at lunchtime. You could hire a caterer and bring in food to surprise the people that work for you.

Even in life, you need to show people who go out of their way to help you with some appreciation. You should try to do something nice for them, invite them out to eat, or even give them a small gift. Everyone likes to feel that what they have done meant something to the other person. It makes you feel good.
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Actually a simple thank you can boost my energy. It can make me smile. When my boss starts to tell that I have been a good team member or very useful to the team, it makes me feel good about myself, even the pay is low. 
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Appreciation matters. In a workplace, appreciation stimulates productivity because when an employee feels that he is appreciated for the work he is doing, this then translates to gratitude and in turn an employee would be motivated to earn an even higher degree of respect for his work.

By appreciating their work, you are making them feel like they're not just an employee but rather a key employee, and that they're in that position for a purpose. Not only will this have a positive effect on an employee's performance but also on the relationship between the boss and the employee.

Appreciation comes not only in words but in incentives for every job well done. Nowadays, we see a lot of workers rallying and protesting against the company their working for because they have been deprived of the benefits they deserve. This is what will happen when a company does not listen to the voice of the workers, and do not take time to appreciate and value them.

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In our workplace we do not have rewards like that. That is something that the office is lacking that is why everyday I am dragging my feet going to work and will force to smile to everyone. I really need someone to appreciate my existence.
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If you can't find that in your current work, perhaps you can look for it somewhere else?
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Not planning of moving on to greener pasteur this year, but it will be next year. I still need to have lots of savings before I will transfer to a new company. I will do it the right time this time so I need to apply more patience.

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