I wonder why when I am sharing my plans with my friends, there will come a big chance that it will never happens? does it happens to you too?

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It's a true saying by old people and I do believe that, too. I noticed it with my partner because he is very vocals in every plan he has in my mind and mostly of them doesn't really happen. So, I believe that if we keep things in secret and work it out in secret it tends more to happen because people won't bothering you for doing it.
Also some are saying that maybe he enthuasiasm and excitement lost already because you already involved other people by letting them know. 
Yes, but some people will be determined to pursue their plans because he let everyone knows what he plan. Some people will be crab mentality and some people will support, it all depend the people surrounded by you.
Everything we do in this life has a motive and God sees it. I will always stress on God because he is the author amd finisher of all things. We can plan but God executes so it's never about us.

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I think this goes with the belief that when you start talking about something, be it a relationship, a goal, or as you say a plan, there's a good chance that it may be jinxed. However, there is no scientific evidence that being jinxed is real. Rather, it all lies in the inherent uncertainty that a plan will be executed properly. We don't get to see the problems that lie ahead us; hence, we often associate this thought of having to tell it to other people, as the culprit for why our plans fail.

I do believe that having real faith in your plans can counteract this anxiety. Having positive attitude/outlook in life and carefully planning every step of it may actually help in realizing your plans.

When talking to other people, seek advice from those you think have more experience in dealing various consequences. In other words, you also need to choose who you talk to. Do not waste your time arguing with people who always have negative things to say. The last thing you need in your life are people who will tell you, "I told you so." after having to learn your failure. Rather than discouraging you, they should be the ones who encourage you to go ahead with your plans, and be there for you when these plans fail.
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I want to have that kind of attitude, the "I told you so" . I easy to get influence or feel negative once there is a violent reactions with my plans, I only share it to get suggestions and advise, but some people will make my plans wrong for me but still I respect that.
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I cannot say the same. If this happens usually because of perhaps some sabotage, I suggest you find a different audience for your plans If you really need to share them. If not so, perhaps it is just coincidence. You need to ask yourself if you let your friends influence your decisions there by changing the course of everything.
A plan when shared with the right people is a step forward. Your friends and family  are supposed to encourage you, stand by you and give you all the support you desire. It shouldn't have to go wrong because you shared it with you loved ones but rather, your plan should turn out better.
The next time you make plans, you should critically analyse the pros and cons and if you are still convinced that it goes wrong because you shared, don't share at all. Just share the results.
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I see a message in the internet and it says never share your plans or it will never happen. It happens to me most of the time. I think the reason why it is not happening because I cannot execute a plan, it should be realistic, but I don't know with other people. 
If you think your plans are unrealistic and that's why the don't work out, then it has nothing to do with sharing them. Work on your plans. Make them realistic and achievable. Even though it may take a while, you'll see results. 
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I have heard several people say this but I don't want to believe it was about sharing it with friends because they are still people that did and even requested inputs by friends and family and the plans after execution even came come better.

No good  plans can be thwarted by just telling the next person even if the person should steal.the plan but manner of execution will be very different because no two persons can have same very thoughts of executing a thing the same way.

So plans that seem thwarted by family or friends after all wasn't still going to survive even if it wasnt told to anyone.Most plans look good on paper or in thoughts but can't be a achieved in reality.

So the best bet is to have a grand plan before thinking of execution and it can only be a success if it is not only planned but well executed.
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I agree and some works differently with other people. I have a friend who has a plan and will only know it after he had achieved his goal. He never shares his plans. Me, when i share my plan, there is 89% it will never happen because I think my plans are not realistic enough.
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I don't think is an assertion that holds much water but it's something that needs to be considered on two sides. Sharing one's plans with another person that is positve and supportive would not render such plans in futility but instead, it might turn to be the best decision such an individual has ever taken in his/her life by confiding on his fellow man about his heart intents.

On the contrary, if same plan is shared with somone that's a saboteur and who's negative, there is tendency such person would do everything humanly possible within his/her power to talk you out of it. By sharing your future plans with someone that does not share in vision could be the worst mistake of your life especially if you are not the strong willed type.

By and large, we just have to be careful of who we discuss our plans with because is not everyone close to us that really wish us well. Or better still if you know you can't trust others with your plans keep them under wrap until they come to light. By so doing you would have not only prevented yourself from being discourged but also take the pressure off your shoulders just in case things didn't work out as intended.
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I just keep it with me. Whenever I share my plan, I started to get tired and even start changing it. The result is different to what I said to them because most of the time it didn't happen once I shared it. 
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Faith drives our plans,  and the fulfillment depends on how much faith we have. It is better to nuture your plans to maturity before sharing.  When we share our plans with others they bring in doubt and discouragement which is not good spiritually. 
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