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I believe herbal products are effective in treating skin disorders,it just need to be pure and apply diligently.

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I trust herbal products for skin care treatment with all my heart. These products are organic and excellent for skin care. They are one hundred percent natural ingredients which means you have little to worry about in terms of chemicals and additives in processed cosmetic That may not be well suited for your body and have potential to cause health risks like cancer.
You can determine the best one for your skin since all skin types are different. What's more, they are considerably cheaper than inorganically processed products. This means you don't have to spend so much more to be harmed eventually and  lot of recipes are DIY If you want to. That's how you know what exactly goes in. They are also ecofriendly since the ingredients do not harm the environment.
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Herbal products or organic products are not cheaper. Most of them are expensive but regardless of the price, I would love to have it instead of products that will only dry and hurt my skin. I started to be introduced with organic products when I was in college. I am a Chemistry Major and I rather use organic products after learning how chemicals will put harm in our body. Organic products are safe. It comes from herbal products and no chemicals, to be specific, preservatives that are added. It will surely cleans your face and surely you will avoid getting breakouts. My body chemistry loves organic products. No matter how the expensive the price, that is the only product that I will trust my skin. If can use some products with preservatives but it wont take long.
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Most of them don't usually have side effects even if they never cure you since most of the ingredients used come from plants. In fact a good number of such products have been working for me for such a long time. On the contrary, there are those kind of people who are destroying market for the herbalists because they just go ahead making fake products and use only few  herbal ingredients and sell them at cheap prices just to make profits. This is happening mostly in my country and as a result people don't trust herbal products and prefer buying branded products from the supermarkets.

Generally, herbal products are good but all you need to do is being cautious where exactly you're buying the products from.Also, you need to choose which one can help you faster mayneid you're having pimples and anes.
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For me, I don't trust all herbal product for skin care treatment. Yes, they are made of herbal but again it went to many chemical processes, put in the bottle or any container and label it.  There were herbal product testify by many users that has great effect to them thus, encouraged others to use it or the people saw it will automatically buy and used it. The more the herbal product making its name, there were those people imitating the product brand name, making it fake and become harmful. Another reasons is that, not all herbal product has guarantee to have a good effect on our skin. We have different types of skin, some product may good to me, but  others may not and not all commercial skin care product  has a harmful effect, it depends on how our skin reacted it.The best way is to find the product that suit to our skin and stick to it.
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If you come from or live in the same place as me, you'd probably adore herbal products a lot, just like I do. Clinical or chemical base products around here gets faked often to a point you can't tell the difference between the good and fake products.

Drawing from the above, it's most likely that my first reasons for loving herbal products is originality. Herbal products rarely gets faked, and even if it does, you can easily spot the fakes. Hence, the probability of landing a good product when it comes to herbal is quiet on the high side.

Another reason why I prefer herbal products is because they tend to work in a more natural way than other forms of products. Herbal products are mostly natural ingredients mixed with other natural ingredients, and possibly a small amount of chemical based products in rare cases.

Therefore, using herbal products gives a natural feeling and lessens the health risk posed by other chemical based products.

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