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One of the major cause of insomnia is stress. When people are stressed they become filled with anxiety, which has the potential of inhibiting the sleep and wake hormone know as melatonin. And once this is done, it becomes difficult for an individual to sleep. Other causes of insomnia are: excessive consumption of alcohol before bed, eating of processed foods, etc.
Sometimes when we are too excited, stress or anxious we find it hard to relax. We can't reach that point of sleepiness enough and we struggle to drop off easily
Stress related can be one of the reason why insomnia exist, causing too much thinking or over thinking.

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Insomnia Is lack of sleep and might be caused especially my chewing too much 'khat'. Khat has been known over the years to cause some sleeping deficient. I personally have tried it and can testify it's true. Also, another reason could be, taking too long naps. You might find that at times you decide to take naps but forget to put a wake up alarm and you end up taking naps for almost 3hours. This has effects because when the it comes to sleeping time, you'll find it hard getting some sleep. Still on the naps, its not advisable to take naps late in the evening. This has been found to be one characteristics of insomnia. The only prevention measure is reducing the time you take naps, 20 or 30 minutes naps is awesome. Also, avoid using such kind of drugs which might cause insomnia.
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There are several reasons why people cannot sleep. I think for me it is taking a nap in the day although sometimes I feel so tired I need to do that. Another reason is worry. Sometimes if we have a problem which we want to resolve it will prey on our minds at night when we are trying to sleep which keeps us awake. Also if I am too hot or too cold I cannot sleep so make sure the temperature of your room is right for you.

Other times we just lose our natural sleep pattern and for some reason cannot get it back for several nights or even weeks. The best thing to do here is take a warm bath or shower before bed, have a hot drink, hot chocolate works for me and try to go to bed at the same time each night. Some people find that reading a book helps before sleeping. I can only read a few pages before my eyes start to close so this is perfect for me. Just try out different methods until you find what works for you.
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