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This is a true story. During the recent heatwave in the UK it was important for us all to drink enough fluid to prevent dehydration. The primary school my granddaughter attended did not allow flavoured water, only plain bottled or tap water. Some children would rather not drink than take this and one child became seriously dehydrated and had to go to hospital.

I feel that in cases where children really won't drink plain water they should be allowed to take flavoured. In the senior schools it's not an issue and they take what they like. What are your views?
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I don't think this is advisable considering, kids can use this to take up anything. Maybe the younger one's may not be aware of taking drugs through the water, but the older one's could do that in disguise so i feel it could be dangerous.

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I can understand the position of the school on that matter. Flavoured water contains added ingredients which most of the time has artificial sugars in them. Some of these ingredients can cause health risk to children and I'm sure that aside, they do not want it to be a frequent occurrence at school.

Given the condition that children refuse to drink plain water at all, I think it should be made an exception since refusing these kids because of impending danger can cause another risk like when they had to hospitalize a child. It means the cause has been defeated.

Parents on the otherhand should try to encourage their kids and make healthier choices for them. The exposure to sugar is a cumulative long term effect that can be avoided.
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This is a very hard call and decision to make. I can understand the viewpoint of the school thinking this water has sugar added and they are afraid of the children drinking a sugar water. Here on the islands, the children add some sort of flavoring to the water when they drink it. This does have sugar in the flavoring and it makes it a very sweet drink. In cases like this with young children, this can cause problems in the classroom and the child being overactive from drinking a sugar water. I was never raised on sugar waters and we always just drank plain water. However, today there are so many new types of water on the market and parents have given these to their children to drink. They no longer will drink plain water because of this.
I the flavored water a child takes to school has no sugar added to the water I don't see an issue with this. However, I do believe that most of the flavored water does have some sort of sugar added to the flavoring.
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Yes and no! Essentially, the ingredients contained in a drink makes it what it is. With that said, flavored drinks could either be good or bad for primary school children, hence the drinking of them should be dependent on the health status of the kid. Basically, these flavored drinks are made up of numerous ingredients that if consumed virtually by all kids it could pose serious health risks to them.
Considering some of the ingredients contained in flavored drinks, such as sugar e.g, fructose corn syrup, agave syrup, and cane sugar. All these forms of artificial sugars, although they are safe for consumption, but they have little or no significant health benefits to the consumers.
Other noticeable ingredients that are incorporated into flavoured drinks are; artificial sweeteners such as sucralose or aspartame, sodium, plus artifificial colourants like caffeine, vitamins or herbs. Among all these ingredients that the parents of these kids should be wary of are sodium, caffeine and vitamins particularly vitamin B6; they are dangerous to kids health.
In spite the fact that flavoured drinks might be to some certain degrees unhealthy to kids, they are important in managing their weights as they serve as a perfect alternative to artificial fruit juice and soda drinks.

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