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I saw an ads about teeth alignment. It even shows a teeth aligned together and it was perfectly aligned. I think it is just part of marketing strategy. I want to know in real life, those who are using teeth alignment, does it works like Braces?

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In some cases, this can actually work if a person doesn't have a lot wrong with their teeth. However, there are more cases that this is not a solution to having braces and having your teeth corrected. If a person has a bad overbite this will never help to correct these problems. In some cases, it is in the jaw and the only way to fix these issues is with braces and surgery.
My grandson had a very bad overbite and a problem in his jaw alignment. They needed to wait until he was 14 years old in order to correct this issue. It was very painful and he had to wear some sort of an appliance in his mouth. Each week the dentist would adjust this to move his jaw into place and correct the alignment. If they had waited too long this couldn't be done without surgery. Therefore, in cases like this, that type of technique would never work. However, if you just have a few teeth that are not perfect this technique could be fine to use.
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That is correct. As per research also, if we have a headache, there must be something wrong with our jaw and needs to align. The dentist says it is good to have it but it is good to have if your dentist is the one design it for you.

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