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It depends on what you want in a camera. Both canon and Nikon has good range of camera. I am using canon since that's a well known brand but there are good in Nikon too. 
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I have little experience working with Nikon digital cameras but I have used Canon digital cameras more often, so I'm going to choose the one that I'm more familiar with and it's Canon digital camera. 

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These are two great brands of camera for photography but from my observation Nikon camera seems to have an edge over Canon's because of some features it has.

Nikon has a EOS Mount system which canon doesn't have,this helps one to use the manual focus lenses the way it should be I.e at full capacity.

Nikon camera fits the hands better and the control of it is maintained, its usability is very high, the picture quality looks more real and natural as in it gives one the opportunity of capturing images in the raw form, no pops or some touch up images
Nikon makes cameras that can really be used by photographers that knows what they really wants.

The flash on Nikon outdo the one on Canon and it helps to simplified usage and the constant use.Nikon gives cool tones.
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Thank you jerry for this information can you suggest me the good camera below 70000 because i am going to buy DSLR. If you know any good one tell me Thanks in advance.
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DSLR camera is a great brand of digital camera to choose from.

I know a lot of people who makes use of it and it's very efficient and effective in carrying out their jobs. 
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Both Nikon and canon digital cameras are high quality cameras that can be used for any kind of photography work. They can both take high quality pictures and used for video coverage as well depending on how good the camera personnel is experienced in using the Nikon or canon digital camera to carry out any photography jobs.

During my years in the university, the use of canon digital photography camera is more common and rampant. Most of the digital camera studios here made use of canon digital cameras and they were very good for the photography pictures snapping.

Personally, I have used Canon camera of some of my photography projects when I was still a student in the department of mass communications when we did the course photography and photojournalism, the Canon camera did an excellent job for me. So, definitely going to choose it.

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