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When your question received answers, how many days you wait til you choose the best answer? Do you choose right away? Do you maintain a number of replies or you are relying on the number of days?
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I usually choose the best answer once I have gathered enough and gone through them then I choose the one that I totally agree with. 

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I don't have a fixed time and sometimes I find it so hard to choose a best answer that I leave it open. There have been many times when I look at the replies and think they are all so good it's impossible to pick one. However I do keep an eye on them and if I think I have too many where I have not chosen one I will keep going through the answers until I can decide.

I once asked Answeree what I should do if I couldn't choose and they said to pick the one which had been written well with the fewest mistakes so I try and do that now. Once I asked a question and didn't really agree with any of the replies I got so I left that open for some time before I decided. If a question has too many answers it will be closed anyway so it's best to choose one yourself. People can always add replies if they feel they want to say something afterwards.
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I am always looking at my question started and some of the answers are all to pick but still I have to look for another answer and will all compare. Sometimes it is hard to choose the right answer but sometimes i choose right away.
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Personally, I do not count the number of days that have passed since I post the question. When I think I have gathered enough responses, then that's the time I start to look at how much each responses affected me. There are times when it is so hard to choose the best answer, especially when you think of how much effort was given by a member to answer the question. There were also times when every perspective is so valuable I just want to select them all as best answers. This, perhaps, causes me to prolong the selection, as I keep on rereading the answers until I realize what best captures the idea that I'm looking for.

However, there were also times when I'll get the response I want right away but I still do not choose the best answer immediately because this will prevent other people from answering the question. I don't think many would still bother sharing their views if that will only equate to a single point so better leave the question open for answers.
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It is really  hard to choose the best answer because I know everyone is giving and sharing everything from experience. But we can only choose one and I hope all the best answer I've chosen will help them to realized how they made me smile. Actually I love it all but I have to choose one.
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Basically, the choosing of the answer to a question asked by me is something done not based on days the question was asked but the number of reasonable answers to it i have to factor in in order for me to be able to choose the exact one that resonate with the expectations i have for the question. Once i received the answer i feel has done justice to the question, i might have to wait for couple of days before picking the most preferred answer. And this is so, so that other commenters can add their own answer to the question. You can't tell, their answers might just be the perfect one for the question.

As for the replies, i don't really see the need to reply each commenter's posts. This is actually done somedays prior to the day i intend choosing the answer to the question.
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I have to agree, it is not about the number of days . Even on day one, if you find the answer contribute good things about the question and you learned to realized about the life then all are best answer but I just need to choose one.
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I believe it should always take weeks to choose the best answer so as to be sure a lot of people have tried to answer the question elaborately and in their own way before choosing the best answer.Sometimes the replies don't do justice to the question because it will be very short and might not accommodate all the salient points.So it pertinent to give more time for elaborate answers for those that really have the need to answer than reply a question.

I still have alert to choose my best answer on some of my questions on the home page but I think it just too early to choose one. So apart from the earning part for users which choosing an answer late provides,it also helped the person that asked the question to get more elaborate answers and different opinions too.
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I agree, there are replies that don't give justice so we look on answer. However, sometimes we don't get what we want on the answers as well. I think we should let it stay for long or a week.

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