RUMORS! "In every rumor, there's always an atom of truth". TRUE OR FALSE? - Answeree

You've all heard of many rumors spread by the general public and accepted by all even though they were no real proof that they happened. Some of this rumors are absurd. I wonder how people even get their heads around such silliness. Below are some of the most absurd rumors I grew up to before finding the facts. 

Even though he died July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee was one of the most famous actors during the 80's -which happens to be my childhood days. Kids back then spread the rumor that he died from excess muscles in his body. Laughs#

Bob Marley is an icon known for his music and political stands for justice. He is one of the many personalities closely associated with marijuana. Upon his passing, rumor had it that he died from excess marijuana intake, an overdose. 

During the 90's in the prime of Nigerian football, India played a match against Nigeria. They scored a total 99 goals through the use of spiritual powers and boasted they would give Nigeria the win if they could score just one goal. Every time Nigeria tried the ball turned into huge stones. One player took the risk and managed a shot, he scored but lost his leg. Nigeria won. Laughs#

Have you heard any absurd rumors that a lot of people believed it to be so? Don't spoil the fun, share those silly rumors. 

NB: Bruce Lee died mysteriously after shooting and before the premiere of his movie, Enter Enter dragon. 

Bob Marley died from cancer as a result of a neglected toe injury he sustained while playing football years before. 


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Are you familiar with the twin towers that were destroyed on September 11, 2011 in New York? it is said that it was attacked by the terrorist and they used airplanes to that but people there are telling that they didn't see any airplanes crushed to the tower. What can you say about it :)

That is one heck of a rumor...or a lie I should say. Do they mean the twin towers where more than 2000 innocent lives including business people, fire workers and others were lost? I remember watching the second plane crashing into the tower on T.V. This was one of the if not the biggest events to hit the U.S.A and they made sure every nook and cranny in the world learn about this event.

To think that some people will still want to twist this story is just absurd. 

That's why they called others are called the accident of twin towers a mass murder and not a terrorist attack, It is all planned long ago even before the twin towers are erect. There are elite people who planned to destroy it beforehand. Try and search for it my friend you will see it for sure. :)

Am not disputing your point, am only saying there were actual planes during the attack as captured on videos. The first plane crashed into the building from one side and some minutes later the other from another side. To say that they weren't planes involved in the attack is just unimaginable. I can agree to the fact that the planes were just a disguise for the already laid destructive plan in the building. 

Believe me when I say I've gone through every single piece of material on the 9/11 attacks. Things like how they was continuous construction exercise in nearby buildings before the attack, certain chemicals that dissolves concrete were found amongst debris of the building after the attack and also some explosive materials too which will explain why the building started falling from the lower floors instead of the point of impact which was at the top. 

I also remember going through a report which shows that boeing 767 (model of the plane used for the attack) was one of the most advanced and complex planes back then. Even some airforce pilots from the U.S couldn't have been able to fly it. This goes to show that the people who hijacked and flew the planes weren't just normal terrorist but very trained officials. 

The third plane which crashed close to pentagon was reported to have fallen on it's own after fights ensued between the passengers and hijackers. But pictures proved otherwise showing the plane scattered in debris which only proves it was shot down by the military. 

I have also come across certain material which states in details how Osama was actually working for the C.I.A and had carried out several missions before falling out of favor with the U.S government and then accused for carrying out the attack. Osama was actually carrying out a medical check in some other country during the attack and released a video immediate denying any involvement immediately he was accused. This is not a typical terrorist behavior as they are known to always claim attacks on western nations to show their infamous strives achievements.  

They are quiet a lot more I can state, so you can say I've done my research. But I can never come to the agreement that they were no planes during the attack as the videos can be found everywhere. 
I've got your point my friend and I am happy that I am able to talk this kinda stuff with someone and that's you my friend thank you. It just sad that I can't provide you a link of the videos. Actually, I have my own compilation of videos regarding the 9/11 accident. Try to search it on Youtube, my friend.
It'll be great if you could find a link or any downloaded video you have to give me a better understanding of what you mean. 
Indeed! There were always rumors and since different people spreading it, something will removed and add on to the story.
Of course yes, that it's called a rumor doesn't take away the possibility of a truth being in the matter. In fact, I'm of the opinion that something led to a rumor being carried around. So, there is always an atom of truth in all rumors. 
That's true there are some rumours you cannot dismiss without speculating if there is an ounce of truth, and usually you will always find some truth however small.

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That's very right because I have believed that there's no way someone can just come up with some fake story which he/she doesn't have any clue about. If someone is thought to spread rumours, then probably he's heard something about the matter and either twisted the story in some way or its real. The only problem with these rumour mongers is that they're always adding some little salt to the information they have.

On the contrary, there are these other kind of rumour mongers who will just erupt and come up with something or air out there thoughts on something then spread it around. But then, this is very rare unless those people are not normally upright. All in all spreading rumours isn't a good idea whether they're real or fake rumours. Its such a bad behavior.
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I also believe in you but will you believe in me if I say to you that in our country powerful people spreading fake news and rumors? they're doing it because some of the powerful individuals here in our country are involved in doing bad and illegal. They're just making stories to clean their names. 

Yea. Just like the saying, i think some rumors do not come out of nothing. They might be an ugly truth being covered up or some conspiracy theory that hasn't been either confirmed or denied officially.

@bluwish01...i think the point you're making lies heavily with character assassination. This kinds of rumor can be detrimental to a person's reputation. It is one very popular means people exercise in an attempt to either make or break others publicly. It is referred to as fallacy, or libel when written, with regards to media. 

Yes, you are right, and guess what, the people who are doing that in my country are those politicians and the policemen. They are strong enough to spread lies and to inject it to most people here.
I agree rumours can kill one quick even when there's no iota of Truth in it.Rumours can actually damage ones reputation and it should be stopped. 
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I think so, but it is really hard to tell whether there is a truth in rumors or it is all lie, especially in our generation today. In a deeper sense, we can't really tell if there is just a group of people or a certain individual who wanted to spread a rumor or a fake news, just to make a deception and deceive everyone, some are doing this to hide the truth and make the people think on the other way, these people who spread fake news or rumors are wanted to divert our attention on something so they can do what they want to do secretly to us. Nowadays it is really hard to trust people and believe what others are saying especially when you are not really there to witness what happened. We can't really tell if the rumors are just there to hide the truth or if it is really the truth.
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Rumors are a part of life and nobody can stop this. A person loves to draw attention to them self so they will start some silly rumor about another person. This was so typical back in high school when one girl was so jealous of another that the rumors started and kept growing as they were passed from one person to another.
This hold so true with people of power. The one I liked was about Donald Trump and Twitter. It was said that Donald Trump had over 50000 follows on Twitter at one time. Then Twitter started to filter out the bots and he went from 50000 Twitter follows down to only a handful. Forget the exact number. This made me laugh so hard when they tried to build this up how he was so upset over all this. Now consider this is the president of the US. Why would he be on Twitter in the first place? I don't see this jerk posting on Twitter.

The other rumor mill is always with the rich and famous and especially actors. They love to poke into their lives and create stories. It is what sells magazines or even newspapers. So why not create a few rumors and spread them around.
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I take it that you're not a supporter of Donald Trump, you always have a way of dismissing issues regarding him...well, i wouldn't blame you as he probably deserves it.

Ever heard of the term pseudologia fantastica and mythomania...menh, science surely has a way with weird words. 

Anyways, it is also known as pathological lying, a habitual behavior of compulsive lying, anytime for no reason. A large number of people fall into this classification but are most times unaware of it. They believe so much in their lies that it becomes a reality for them. Most of these people can ace a lie detector exercise with a 100% lies.  In saying so, I'll have to agree with you that rumors are really a part of us like you said. It is classification of lies in some cases.

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I do believe that in every rumor, there is an ounce of truth about that. However, when something is being spread through word of mouth, chances are that these stories get twisted and exaggerated, that makes them sound silly and unbelievable.

There's this one rumor that still haunts me until now. As a kid, we used to live in a rural area, with very few residents. The distance from one home would be like a 15-minute walk to another. There were also very few street lights and night life was non-existent; hence, people tend to stay at home as early as 5 or 6:00 PM, especially the children. However, some wouldn't be bothered of the darkness and use it to make the hide-and-seek game more thrilling. But then this stopped when the rumor about a certain group of people haunting for kids spread throughout the town. It was believed that they needed the blood of these kids to strengthen the foundation of the bridges that were then being constructed nearby. There were reports circling that a few have been missing. I still remember how our parents were so worried, and that they wouldn't want to lose sight of us even in broad daylight.

There were also rumors about kids being kidnapped because there were massive demand for internal organs in the black market. Until now, I still avoid these black and white vans because these were thought to be the get-away vehicles of the kidnappers.

These stories were really scary and has delivered huge fear to us back then. I still do not know whether these are true or not or what parts of these stories were true.
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Sometimes it can be true hence the saying there is no smoke without fire but in many cases it would seem that someone will make a throwaway remark and every time it is passed on it changes and becomes more dramatic until there is no truth in it.

People like to gossip so if they can find something they consider 'juicy' they will tell their friends and work colleagues which can often cause problems. If a rumour is started about a person which turns out to be totally untrue it can cause a lot of hurt and upset so we should all be careful when we pass on a piece of information and think about the consequences for that person should it turn out to be false.

People are very fond of supporting conspiracy theories and the one that annoyed me the most is the one which says that Princess Diana was murdered. It was a tragic accident plain and simple and although there have been many theories about her death being planned I really feel they are just ugly rumours,
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There's really no smoke without fire. Even though some people out of maybe ignorance will rephrase the story in the way that they understand or in the way that they'd like it to be. In reality though, there was actually a story. Also as it travels from one person to another, there's a possibility of the whole story changing hence it becomes something that never happened, a rumor.

Some exceptional stories however never even happened. Not even a hint or anything relating. There's not a record in history but apparently it is like a well known fact among the people. Like the football match, I read an article about the "Mandela effect." Certain people while growing up can remember a news about the death of Mandela in prison. We all know that didn't happen and he even became president after jail time and lived a really long life before he died.

People can swear those things happened but in reality there's nothing even remotely close to that. Because of these stories, some people are of the opinion that we could be in a huge simulation where specific memories can be altered in a control system. What do you think of that?
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Have you heard of the Roswell incident back in 1947? 

A rather strange looking flying object crash landed on a ranch near Roswell of New mexico, United states. At first it was reported to be a flying disc which residents confirmed to have witnessed untill the arrival of government officials who later reported it to be a conventional weather ballon, an experiment being carried out by the military. Interest on the abnormality of the event died down, but in 1970, ufologist began promoting a different theory claiming that one or more alien spacecraft had crashed and it's occupants had secretly been moved by the military, leading to a cover up. The government in 1990 publish another report again on the incident with almost the same explanation as the last report. Further stating that other stories were just conspiracies. 

If you search history, you won't come across the accounts of eyewitnesses on the event, rather the official report of the government. This goes to show that sometimes history can be distorted by powerful authorities leading to reality becoming a rumor. So when people swear on the truth of a story which can not not be proven to have ever happened, they just might be telling the truth. 

Humans living in a huge simulation where certain memories are being altered will definitely answer to the question on why sometimes I fell like a happening moment has already been experienced before. Well, we can't tell for now. Maybe there's a parallel universe which sometimes glitches and connects our minds with the other self before adjusting back to its normal state. 

Quite an interesting story. Who knows? Since the theory of parallel universe is becoming more and more popular these days. 
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I have been hearing rumors since as a child and funny enough some have remained that way with no means of verifying them.I'm a Nigerian and I grew up with that rumour of this Indian story and it has been concluded that it was that action that got Indians the ban.

I have heard about tupac Shakur still being alive,that though he was shot but he was led to another location and he is living a quiet life over there.I just can't understand how true this can be
I grew up with this rumour from my place that committing adultery will make a woman gives birth to a masquerade and it was sort of confirmed by the elderly ones that they have witnessed it before and this sort of kept married women away from committing adultery but from the seriousness of those peddling it,I always wonder how true this can be.
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Exactly, the India vs Nigeria match is one rumor that seems not be going away anytime soon. Even my parents talk about it. In recent times I came across some kids between the ages of 6 - 8 talking about it. 

The tupac and biggie still being alive is one long time rumor that doesn't seem to go away too, especially that of tupac. There's not a year goes by that one or more articles are published claiming tupac is still alive, they even go as far as calling his present location. It jus too silly that people keep doing this all the time. 
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Rumors make the gossiper busy. Even in general life, rumors is what makes every gossiper busy. It is their special skills and favorite past times. In showbiz, rumors are the reason why a certain actor or actress are hot in the public because there is something to talk about, about them. It makes them popular. They became talk of the town. Every answer is already scripted so that the rumors keep on spreading. Sometimes even though there is nothing to talk about a certain celebrity, showbiz writers will create rumors to brighten up their bored showbiz career. Fake news about them should be really interesting to keep the public busy and search them in the internet. It is like a marketing strategy. Right now, in general life, there will be a little portion of subject in the rumors but totally it is just a rumor.
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