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Seriously, I have seen some people who have standby men or women to fall back on immediately after their break up and start a new relationship right away. This is very crazy in my opinion. 

It's very important to take some time to cool off before getting into another relationship. 

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Its advisable not to move in fast. You should take quite some time to heal your heart. Some people tend to move on as soon as possible so that they can get comfort in their new spouses to cover up their broken hearts. But first it depends how you ended the relationship and whether you're the one who broke up or the other party. If you're the one who quit, then I bet you'll have to take quite some long time before moving on ..

Besides time you'll need to take time to choose the right person and avoid making the mistakes that you'd done before. You'll get to find and get your perfect match rather than rushing things may be like you did before. Many a times making hasty decisions end up ruining us and we end up being heart broken and blame others rather than ourselves .
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There's really no designated time to start a new relationship after a break up. I think that the time it takes to move on depends on the kind of individual.There are people who take a very long time to heal especially if they were deeply attached to the other person and if the break up wasn't a pleasant one. The wounds are deeper.

I've learned that some people never recover from a break up for some reason. They just move on but still carry the baggage around. This is why closure is very important.

Other people move on with their lives really fast, start a new relationship and have everything going on for them. They have the ability to deal with break ups and put it way behind them. While this can work well, other times their next relationship is like a rebound because they didn't have the time to heal and rediscover their identity again.
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I don't think there's a definite time before an individual goes in a relationship again after break up. It all depends on whether or not you have moved on. For some people, this might take a couple of months while for others they even take years before they finally forget the person they used to love. There are also times when we feel that we are ready to love again only to realize that we're longing for someone, and that we just want someone to accept the love that we are ready to give, which results to rebound relationships. Hence, it isn't also advisable to enter a relationship shortly after breakup because no matter how moved on you think you are, there will always be residual feelings. And when you don't get a hold of that, and the feelings start to resurface, everything you did to move on may just go to waste.
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I know the heart can be so lonely after a failed relationship and some hearts just want to go on to have another relationship and life goes on,well for me I think that will be too fast and ecen the new relationship might crash again sooner.

The heart might be lonely but it could still be hurting and as such a new relationship might not survive a hurting heart,so it better one healed completely before jumping to another relationship.

The Ex in the past relationship might have been a bad lover,getting so fast into another relationship might make one to still see the new person in that same light. It will take the new person much more time to  convince and prove his or her sincerity in the relationship unlike if it took time for a proper healing.

It's good to move on but a longer time might just helped the new relationship better.
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There's no set time, it depends on how serious the relationship was and how quickly you find someone who is right for you. After my first break up I was devastated and couldn't even think of dating anyone for a year after. I preferred the company of my female friends who helped me get over it. When my marriage broke up I was the same and I felt I would never love anyone again but time does heal and after lots of tears and soul searching I finally met someone else although it did take several years.

I had several other less serious relationships which were not painful but it was easy to move on from these and although I enjoyed the freedom of being single for a while I was ready to meet new partners.

Getting over a serious relationship is a very individual thing, some people seem to recover very quickly while others find it hard to move on. Crying a lot helps, talking to friends, eating icecream or chocolate, you should do whatever it takes to make you feel better and eventually you will find that little by little you will start to heal and be ready for the next relationship.
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I haven't been in a relationship. I really don't know personally how it feels to be in a relationship and you have to let go of the person you grow to love. I observed from my friends that they are not jumping into a new relationship easily. The first feelings that will be left to you is for sure, you don't want to be with another person because you are being careful this time. Being hurt because of failed relationship is really serious. It is not easy to jump from one relationship to another. you must sure that you are ready to face a new chapter of your life that is far away from bitterness of else, you will just compare your new relationship to the old one. If you already accepted that you are no longer with that person and the love is already ended, that is the time you are moving on but it is not always about having a new relationship.
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I think this is totally dependent on the individual. Obviously, there is no laid down rules for one who has experienced heart break to start a new relationship. I have seen number of people moving on instantly to the next person they run into, and this set of people of are of the opinion that by doing so they free themselves of the hurt brought by the break up. I have also seen some who even go as far looking for sex worker to get laid that same day all in a bid to heal the pain.

Personally, I don't think it wise to just rush into starting a new relationship. It would be better for an individual to stay chilled a bit and make critical evaluation of the one that just ended. And also try to figure out plans on how the next relationship should turn out.

These key things brought under consideration during this period of hibernation, would be vital to the success of the next relationship.
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Two questions:

1. Are you meaning a break up with a computer in some way? (I ask this because you have it categorized as such)


2. Are you meaning a break up with a person?

If you are meaning option number 2, then starting new takes some time. It's hard to jump into a new relationship after just being freshly broken up with. Give yourself some time to heal and to understand what happened. The right person will come along for you when you least expect it. Take your time and don't rush into things.


If you are meaning option 1, then jumping back into a new computer or software is always good. Make sure either or is what you need and like. And make sure it is reasonably priced.

Otherwise, I am going to assume you meaning option number 2.
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No matter how much someone tries to pretend that he or she is strong and alright after a serious and devastating break up, I would vehemently tell you that they are never alright as long as the person truly loved his or her partner in the relationship. Relationship break up is like getting a deep scar on your heart and face that it hurts almost forever unless you are very strong emotionally in order to overcome the emotional trauma very quickly.

Personally, I would never advise anyone who suffered a serious relationship break uo to jump right back into another relationship because it's never going to end well for both parties. It's either you punish the innocent person for what your ex lover did which is so wrong or you find it very difficult to trust that new person.

Stay on your own for at least a minimum of 3 to 6 months before considering entering into a new relationship.
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In my opinion there is no specific time to start a new one,  infant you can start almost immediately,  relationship depends on every one level of understanding and school of thought. In my world if I am in a relationship I always believe that what will be will be and I am always prepared for the side of it and the other side,  I try as much as possible not be the cause of any break up if will happen.
I don't believe in heart break because I know disappointments are part of life and everything is done for a purpose,  you should also know there is a better replacement provided you are just in your action.  If a lady broke up with me today,  I will take little time to reach out to her and if I noticed her decision is firmed, if I see any body I am attracted to, I will go for and start life like nothing happened, " soldier go,  soldier comes barrack must remain "

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