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Cell phones normally cause distraction and one might forget that they're supposed to work . This usually slows down the working pace and that's like wasting money. Time is money, the more you spend time chatting or making phone calls, the more money you lose and there's no boss who can allow that in his company.
Also, while using your phone, you might get some shocking news like for instance death of a beloved. There's a process in which those kind of news are passed and not just like that. Keeping your call phone away till work is over can work well and no matter how you react to the news, at least it will be after work and people can help out unlike when its work time.
Despite of many being warned against using cell phones while working, many don't take this into serious consideration. That's why you'll find many people making confusions like giving extra balance among others.
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answered by LEGEND (7,630 points) 5 15 39

I totally agree, but today this is almost impossible. Many years ago for a company to save money they used a technology share with their employees. Here is what it entails:

  1. If you own a cell phone the company will use this number during business hours. Only if you agree to this program. This means that the company can hand out your phone number, use your phone number to contact you on, and allow other people in the office to call you on this number. This saves the company millions of dollars a year. They no longer need to buy phones for employees or even pay a data play. They are using your phone in place of their own. 
  2. This also worked the same with tablets. You were allowed to use your own personal tablet at work and the company had their information on the tablet. 
  3. This was the same with laptops.

Issues that arose for technology sharing:

  1. If a mobile device was lost or stolen the information from the company could easily be accessed by people outside the company.
  2. This raised issues in data security that the company had to address.
  3. New protocols were put in place for data security and technology sharing.

Many companies still use this plan today. Therefore, it would be difficult to restrict phone, tablets or even PCs in the work environment.

However, if a company doesn't use technology sharing I'd have to say it is best to not allow an employee to use his phone during business hours unless it is a total family emergency. Nowadays the school will call you on your mobile device if there is a problem with your child. Personal calls should be restricted to non business hours only. 

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answered by ELITE (3,032 points) 5 21 40
I think this is necessary in some workplaces, as overuse of mobile phones lessens an employees productivity. I think most of us are guilty of this. We tell ourselves that we're just gonna check it for awhile but since we are so entertained by the various things we can do with our phone, the minutes easily turn to hours. We easily forget what we are supposed to do, and as a result we fail to deliver the intended work for the day.

However, prohibiting the use of mobile phones is not as effective as before. Nowadays, our laptops and desktops may offer the same things. For instance, applications now have the mobile and desktop version. Chatting with friends is also possible through other means, other than what's being offered by certain apps.

There are also cases when the use of mobile phones is very necessary, especially when communicating with clients and other co-workers. Bottom line is that this restriction may or may not be imposed depending on the nature of work or whether or not the use of mobile phones is the culprit to an employee's poor performance.
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There's nothing wrong with taking a phone to work and keeping it switched off so that it can be checked for important calls or texts during breaks. My granddaughter has just started senior school and they are allowed to do this but if anyone's phone pings or rings during class they get it confiscated. If an emergency occurred while a person was at work or school they could be reached through the company phone,

When I was young we didn't have cell phones and managed perfectly well and it meant we could concentrate fully on our work without being tempted to check a phone every two minutes. I noticed in my last job that although phones were banned people used to sneak them in and before long the ban was ignored by everyone and this was because our bosses took their phones in to work. They could hardly tell us not to use our phones if they were not leading by example.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,003 points) 6 10 19
Banning of the use of cellphone during working hours is the best thing to do for the growth of any company and for tasks at work to be completed on time.Even as a self employed I rarely use my phone during my working period because of distractions.

I know how msny times I have been carried away by just picking up my phone to sesrch for just a thing that wouldn't have taken me up to 2 minutes but immediately my eyes get the attention of some news update and in the process of checking them,I realize I have been doing that for the past 30-40 minutes and time lost can't be regained.Surfing the net can be so addictive not to talk of going through the notifications on our social media accounts.

To avoid all phone problems in a place of  work,its usage during official hours should be banned.
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answered by LEGEND (6,077 points) 6 9 22
Cell phones can really be a source of distractions at work places, especially if their usage are not properly managed. Often times, you would see people abusing the privilege given to them by the management to allow its staffs to make use of gadgets while in the office. And this could affect the purpose of them been hired at the first place, which would in turn lead to low turn out of output due to lack of proper input.

Additionally, it also has great effects on the productivity level. Imagine if a staff spends two hours on the phone chatting or checking news feed instead of him putting in those hours into the office work. You would see that the efficiency level of such a staff would not be commensurate to the expected output.

Finally, although the use of phones at work places is not ideal, but it can also be done with some restraints by not just allowing the staffs the elbow room to do whatever they want to do with their phones.
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answered by ELITE (3,210 points) 4 8 18
Given how technology has rapidly change the way things revolve around our lives, taking away a person's mobile phone at a work place doesn't add up for me.

As much as I hate the idea, I've actually worked a certain period in my life at a job where personal phones were put away till closing hours. I kind of reasoned with the rule back then because it was security related. It was a bank. And in the past, cases were recorded where staffs indulged in fraudulent activities like giving out customer information to outsiders, and in some cases, passing information to robbers on availability of excess cash in the bank via their mobile phones. This was understandable. But not all jobs are bank jobs.

Cellphone's or mobile phones are personal gadgets, and as such, everyone should be given the respect of holding onto theirs regardless of where they are. They are like a lifeline, your connection to the rest of world. Anything could come up like an emergency, anytime, which needs immediate communication. How will it be possible to get in touch instantly if you didn't have a phone close by?

It is of my opinion that every work place which has such rules should be stopped. Mobile phones are more than just fancy handy gadgets for entertainment, they're a mobile or electronic representation of every individual.
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answered by LEGEND (6,078 points) 2 10 28
Cellphone or mobile is a distraction. There are time that are wasted checking out your social media and other stuffs online, plus you will be very willing to share to your office mate what funny pictures or quotes you see on your social media that made it look like you are both not working at all. There is always a delay in giving your 100% service to the company you are working. Maybe it is just a little of your time checking those what you see in the internet, but every time you check on the internet on your mobile, it adds up. Cellphone should be allowed inside the office but to use it for communication purpose only is good and must. If you get caught using it, checking out something online that are not job related it is a total waste of time.

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