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I am planning a blog together with my website. My website pages will be mainly hardware product lists. Now I am confused about what design to use in my blog. Should I use a simple minimalist theme or an image rich colourful theme? Does this design has any effect on blog's SEO or traffic by any means?
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Blog design absolutely matters in web traffic! A good blog designer will understand how important the website's code is in regards to website rankings and know how to structure pages and link them together to optimize the content.

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Yes, the design of your website has much influence in returning traffic. Design are not considered by the search engines, instead, search bots are looking at your content. Sometimes bots may read your scripts as well. But when it comes to a real person or visitor to your blog design will have a great role.

Whatever content you have may not be useful if your site's design is so boring and difficult to navigate through. Your page may have that content for the visitor but if a user is not able to find the exact content he searches on your blog the what is the purpose of having such a blog. A badly designed website will result in higher bounce rate. Thus your blog traffic will decrease day by day.

A better design mean not only the appearance but also a design that constitutes faster page loads. A slow loading page also increases your page's bounce rate and will affect your blog's SEO very badly. So always try to start with a faster loading, well optimized, attractive and user-friendly design for your website or blog for better organic traffic.

You can check your page speed on this awesome tool from Google.
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Design of any website, blog or app is quite important nowadays. As it is the time of UX design it should be modern, eye-catching and minimalistic. You can see the examples of what I am speaking about here: There are real works of big and small projects. Moreover they can help you with web design if you want to. I think that most of the people will not spend much time on a website or blog that they don't like visually. So good luck! Hope you'll find the suitable design.
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I think, that the best way to make a blog popular, its to create it with great design. Cause its the first, what your reader will see, when he or she comes to your blog. As I know, creation of great website design is very simple. Cause its exists a lot wordpress themes sites you can use for it. Like this one for example.

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Why it should to go there i dont even know why where its better to claim the wordpress template. I think you need to check more instantly and it will be great. By the way you can go to wordpress com and find out there i think.

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Yes, definitely. Professionally designed and developed website attracts more visitors and keep them loyal so that they will visit your website again and again and also may get converted into your loyal customer.

If you need professional assistance in designing your website / blog you can contact and get same done at affordable rates.

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