My granddaughter really struggles with Maths and as it was my worst subject at school I'm not much help to her. Yesterday she came home very upset because she had done badly in a Maths test. I don't know whether I should contact her teacher or try to find someone else who knows the subject well enough to help her.
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Yes, try to get her after school home teacher. Doing this would work perfectly well. And ensure that she studies maths on daily basis. As the say goes practice makes perfect. And when it comes to challenging subject like maths, it requires daily solving of problems so one can get better as he/she continues to repeat whatever he/she was taught.
Best thing to do is you have to have a long patient and teach it the child diligently.
Constant studying of the same subject is the best way to getting familiar with it. 

Have the child do lots of assignments on the subject and with time, he or she will get used to it and be good at it. 
If you are good in the subject, you will tutor him/her  the best way you know how. Whatever you do yourself is what you will teach, however if your not good at the subject yourself you can geta tutor for that child. That would be of great help.

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First and foremost, you need to tell your granddaughter that it is okay to fail as long as she keeps on trying, and that every failure gets her a step closer to getting it right. After all, Math is indeed a tough subject.

I have consulted my sister regarding your concern. She's a teacher by the way, and has had a lot of experience in teaching kids. She told me that whenever a child is having a hard time in a particular lesson, the usual approach is to make them take remedial classes because this is where they will be taught hands-on. Remedial classes are very different from the regular sessions because activities were done instead of the usual lecture type. Also, since it is mostly a one-on-one class, a child has more freedom to ask the questions on topics where he or she needs clarification. Typically, when a child does not fully understand a lesson, oftentimes they are afraid or too shy to raise their questions in front of the whole class. Hence, remedial classes provide them the venue to talk with their teachers about even the slightest detail that they need to be enlightened.

I also think that no one knows the performance and the needs of a child better than their teachers. So if you think you can't help her because you're afraid that you might not be able to teach her what she needs, then allow her teachers to do it.
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I love this answer and telling her as long as she does her best it doesn't matter if she is not top of the class is one thing I have always done. I know how it feels to be afraid to ask about something you don't understand because I was the same. We have parents evening coming up soon so I will discuss it with her tutor.
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There are many ways how you can help your child with his/her studies. If your child is struggling you can always ask and hire someone who is best for that particular subject, if there are no tutors available you may also try to enroll your child into a tutorial class, I believe there are many tutorial or training offer out there. Searching on the internet is also a good choice and you can definitely find a tutor through the internet, many are now offering their service to tutor or teach a child through the internet. Now if you want to help your child with your own you just have to spend more time with your child teaching him/her with the subject that is hard for him/her. Try using Youtube and search for a video that will help your child learning while enjoying. There are many videos on Youtube that that teaches a child in a fun and enjoyable way.
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If a child is not willing no amount of help can be useful. But on your path, try and note the areas of weakness of the child, and teach him or her from there. Give him or her enough examples and assignment to develop strength from it.
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This is a very normal problem for growing kids with their academic pursuits,there is always one or two subjects that they will be struggling with and it pertinent that both teachers and parents should find a better option to aid such a child.

I personally teach my kids some subjects they're struggling with but since you don't understand the subject that much,the way out is to employed a lesson teacher that will help teach the kid after school,it could a different teacher not necessarily the one in the school.Let a different teacher handles the child after school. Help the child to be consistent with attendance both in school and the lesson.

Try to provide all the tools needed to make the kid learn better,always encourage her to ask questions where necessary for more understanding and also motivate the kid to always try to redo all the sums again to understand better on her own.
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A child that is struggling needs help. As a parent if you are not good at that topic you can employ a private teacher to help your child. But take a look at the topic, do some revision and solve some example, then use your understanding to put the child through. Give the child some assignment to test the level of understanding. 
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I also had this moment with my little niece. The course of action is to find some techniques in teaching match to kids on YouTube. I found the easiest way to learn multiplication without memorizing the numbers that much. You can check them out there.
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You can invite other students/her friends to learn together at home. Or give her online teaching (there is sites/apps that provide online education easily). Or you can pay a teacher to give private education.
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Even if you don't understand it, I would try to learn it myself so I can teach that child. I would teach that child frequently after school and on weekends. Try fun education cards you pick the cards and they answer the question for every question they get right you give them a treat or a prize.
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Practice makes perfect and the fact that you've identified the problem the child has is a great step towards helping. You can start tutoring the child at home start with simple basics that the child knows going to the unknown it will be easier and also help the child to understand the complexity of a topic or subject. 
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