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Yes! yoga can help you lose weight but not in the way that other exercises and physical activities do. Weight loss comes with reduced intake of calories and burning calories due to physical activity. Hence if you are seeking to lose weight using yoga, you need to focus on the type. Power yoga is better than mind yoga in this case. Since yoga often focuses on strategic and core positions in the body.
Yoga is also not just physical activities of stretching and balancing but a complete way of life. Yoga can make you focus on the inside, listen to your body, help you relax etc. By so doing, you'll be making the right choices in diet, attitude, communication etc. This in general relates to healthy living. When you make it a regular habit, you'll notice the change.
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Yoga is a great form of exercise and it is a good way to help you tone up your body and lose weight. However, if you only want to do Yoga this is not a way to lose weight fast. You will also need to include a healthy diet in your plan and stop eating late at night. This is terrible for everyone and can add a lot of weight to you. A good idea is to eat a larger meal in the middle of the day and at night eat a light meal that includes salads and vegetables. This will help you to achieve your goals. 

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