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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so you cannot tell what guys love in girls. Every guy has his own taste and preference. 

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It is a fact that all girls are liked regardless of their physical structure and appearance as all men have different taste and interest. If the opposite was the case, more or all fat ladies will remain  spinsters their whole life. But you might say a certain percentage of men prefer skinny girls while the rest prefer bulky or fat girls, no harm intended.

The issue of men preferring skinny or fat ladies in my opinion goes deeper than just choices, it has to do with respect and most importantly, maturity. The society and general human mentality has made sure fat is perceived and classified as lazy, unhealthy, lack class and sometimes dirty...most of which are possibly not so. It is the younger men who are more concerned with the choices on different looking ladies. They care too much what the society says about them. Older men on the hand care less what anyone thinks as they are more mature and respectful of women.

Anyways, If we were to draw paralells from a wider perspective, a very large interest on skinny looking girls will result on men's choices because of the afore explained. So I have to disagree with the the question which suggest that men do not like skinny looking ladies.
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I don't think they don't like skinny girls because most of the guys I know prefer doll looking or model looking girls. At work, guys will turn their head to long legged girls walking in a skirt, a girl that is look like a Barbie. They are all skinny. Some are too skinny that they look like they are not eating at all. It hold a big difference on preferences. Some guys like skinny and some prefer fatty or chubby ones.  Some are in between and some loves personalities more that what they look like externally. What matters, skinny or not, chubby or not, the person should play respect to everyone, especially those who are not that good looking. Not all guys are into skinny. Some prefer those who love themselves and sharing the love to others.
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I think if we do a census, a lot of guys like skinny girls just as bulky, chubby or thick girls are appreciated. I've always said that it is not a general idea of rule when it comes to physical appearance. Everyone has likes and dislikes so it I think it is a little narrow and shallow for me to say that these are types guys like or the types girls want.

There's a saying in my country that goes like so, "one man's food is another man's poison." Hence what is pleasing to you might be distasteful for another. If a guy wants skinny girls, the other doesn't care for others. The most important thing is love, respect and appreciation between two people. Love can come in the strangest of forms. Everyone is lovely in their own grace and glory.
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I don't think this assertion is true,remember it always different strokes for different folks.Meeting a guy that says he doesn't like skinny looking girls doesn't represent the thoughts of most guys unless you had carried out a research and have your statistics and it more than the numbers that love skinny looking girls.Having said that I know of many guys that loved skinny girls, I for one will go for a skinny girl, chubby looking girls have never been my spec maybe because I find skinny girls more fit and shapy than  the chubby ones.

So I wouldn't generalize,people loves things different, one's man meat is definitely another man's poison so people will always go for what the want so it has nothing to do with the gender of the person.
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We all have different ideas about what we find attractive and I think there are plenty of men who like skinny good looking girls. If they don't I guess it's just down to a matter of taste or perhaps they feel they would have too much competition if they were to date a woman who was very attractive.

I have heard men say they prefer a woman who has a shapely form, a woman with curves rather than someone who has a very slim body but I think in the end it comes down to personality and not so much the way she looks.

I used to think I preferred a slim man until I met my husband. He had a little round stomach which I grew to love because it was part of him and I really think that when you love someone their shape becomes less important than the person they are inside.
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It is not right to say that guys are not down with slim girls. When it comes to guys going after a particular girl, he's driven by one thing, which is preference. What one guy likes in a girl might not be what the other likes. Essentially, because our likes and dislikes varies individually. Whatever one gravitate towards in life is a matter of preference.

From experience, I have seen guys that are hundred percent in love with skinny girls, to the point of fighting over them and finally getting to settle with them. On several occasions too, I have seen good looking guys with attractive physique, dating out-of-shape fat looking girls.

With these contrasting dating pairings, I came to the realization that we are different humans with diverse affinity for whatever we feel is suitable and unique for existence.
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Different people have got different tastes. There are those who love skinny ladies while there are those who like fat girl. For those who like  skinny ladies, i think it'd because they're fit and flexible. Skinny ladies are thought to be swift unlike fat ladies. With heavily bodied size, its easy to develop complications related to health like obesity.

All in all, it depends with one heart. You might have the most slim girl in the world but there's mutual love between you. Some men hate slim girls while love them but speaking from my experience and interaction with men, most of them like medium sized girls. I don't understand why men consider body size before falling in love with the lady. Maybe they've got there own reasons behind that.
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