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Oohhh my God this is a turn off for many ladies for sure. Who wants to have to see a potruding pot belly on a man, it doesn't look nice.

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At one time in my life I would have said no but when I met my husband he had a little pot belly and because I loved him so much I grew to love his belly too.. I don't think it's particularly healthy as it is often down to too much drinking of alcohol but when it's part of a person you love you don't find it as unattractive as you might on a stranger.

However if a man is really obese and the pot belly is very large I don't think many women would find that attractive. I think in general most women would prefer a man who takes care of himself, doesn't drink too much and has a slim physique. A slim man is more likely to lead an active life and have fewer health problems so I think the majority of women would prefer to date someone of this build. However there is no accounting for taste and there are plenty of women out there who would go for a chubby man.
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Not all girls like guys with big bellies. To be honest, I don't want to be judgmental, but some girls prefer those who have flat bellies so they can move fast just like the guys we watch in television. However, in real life, big bellies is not part of the standard. It should not be part of  it.In general, we fall in love with thought and personalities. Me, I like guys with goals, but of course, I would love guys who are taking care of themselves, and physical appearance is part of it. If they look good and present themselves good and clean, then it means they love themselves. If they love themselves, they have the capacity to take care and love you too. If a guy is a good person, God fearing and understand and respect our differences, the big bellies doesn't matter at all sometimes.
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This isn't a general notion and you can only speak for a category. Big belly might be a complete turn of for some girls while other girls do not mind as long as he possesses the qualities they desire in a man. It is not that appearance does not matter. It is important but it isn't the standard for likeness or love. In fact, there's no general standard. Appearance is accompanied with other characters.

Everyone has specs and preferences that they consider to be their personal standard. While some will add a long list of physical appeal, others will come with ideas of beauty from inside. Such things as big bellies will only be trivia for these people. So yes, some girls like guys with big bellies a lot and they are happy like that.
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We can't have the real answer to this question, unless a research is carried out to find out the truth, we can't just go by the few girl's answers around us to concludes on this but naturally I don't think a girl will like a man with protruding or beer belly.

I know girls like to look good and there will definitely wants a good looking man with 6 packs.I think there was a time it was trending, having a six pack was one of the things a girl will look out for when choosing a man of her own,so to a large extent I really doubt a girl will really go for a man with a big belly but I know sometimes love conquers all,some girls overlook it and just decides to love the man the way he is but I'm sure if there's a way to help reduce the stomach and I'm sure she will.
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This is really very subjective. While there may be girls who prefer guys who kind of have extra built, there are others who really don't mind that.

It is true that most of us look at the physical appearance as part of the initial attraction; however, this doesn't really matter in the long run. Personality and values are what most girls look for a guy because for us, these are the ones that will last a lifetime. I also do believe that no one has every met a guy who has everything in their checklist. For instance, I might say that I don't prefer guys who have large bellies, but I might be surprised when I do begin to like one, especially when he's smart and very mature.

Point is, the qualities we look for a guy not only varies but changes as well. And most of the time, girls look beyond the physical appearance. So the answer is yes.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! All girls will like and go crazy over me. Noticed how I used the word me, that's because I fall under the class of those men with a slightly big tummy. Laughs#

Allow me reuse my comment as stated in a different thread.

The issue of ladies preferring men with or without beer or pot bellies in my opinion goes deeper than just choices, it's a behavioral act, a display which involves respect and maturity. The general society and human mentality has made sure certain negative perception are oftenly associated with pot bellies. Younger ladies are the ones more concerned about choices on men's look. They care too much what society says about their relationships. Older women on the other hand care less as they are both more mature and respectful of men's appearance. So you can say age has a lot do with the difference interest and choices women have on the looks of men.

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There is no two ways about the likes the girls have for guys with washboard tummies. But looking at the issue wholistically, i can say that there are handful of girls who would still have preference for those guys with large bellies. Indeed, this is very rare. Interestingly, the likes girls have for guys with flat tummy is not only for the great look alone, it also tell of how healthy and fit such guys are.

However, the guy with large belly, is seen as unfit and unhealthy, and at times lazy because it is only those who are unwilling to exert themselves physically that have flabby tummies. The big bellie is also a sign that the guy might be underperformer when it comes to bedroom activities, which a serious tick off for the ladies.

The guys with big bellies may not be completely disliked by all the female folks but there is great likeness they have for the guy with flat tummies.
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I have heard many people say that too that girls like men with big bellies. I don't know others but as for me, I am a girl and I like people according to their character. I love looking at looks too and I have to admit that I don't like men with big bellies, they look older than they should. I will only like them if we interact and know them to be of great character and personality.
"Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder", therefore we cannot tell who likes who and for what. Every girl has her own opinion concerning what they like in a man. They may or may not like a man with a big belly.
Moreover, big bellies are associated with wealth many times. Therefore, as we know there are girls who are gold diggers and they may like a man with a big belly as they assume they have a lot of wealth.
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Different people have got different tastes. I personally don't like men with big bellies. I prefer men who are slim with a flat tummy for my own personal reasons. According to my research on men with big bellies, it's said they got good cash or are somehow rich. Most ladies prefer such men who can easily give cash. Its usually said that the big belly is brought due to too much consumption of beer. Whether this is true or not, I have no idea.  What I know is that, it's only few people who get that big belly naturally.

Honestly speaking,  I have never met someone whose less than 30 years whose got a big belly. That's one reason why I hate big bellied men because most of them are family men.All in all, beauty will always fall in the eyes of the beholder.

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