I heard that SSL certificates is a must for future websites to rank better. When I googled for the same I got several results that supporting the need of an SSL certificates. Moreover most big players on web are using it too. Is there really any benefit in SEO by using these certificates?  Do I need them in future? Should I buy a certificate for my new website or blog?
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What is SSL certificate?
Well, it should be an another question here. Anyway, i can answer your question in brief. An SSL certificate is a data file with an encrypted key within it connected to the website and domain details. The purpose of these certificates is to allow https protocol for a domain which in turn provide a secure connection to the users or browsers from the hosting server.
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Yes, SSL does help you in SEO. All mainstream search engines including the pioneer Google has stated that providing data in a more secure way is a positive signal to their search bots. Google also recommends the websites should have a https protocol in near future. They also explain that there will be no higher ranking websites without https in two or three years, after the new algorithm update. Moreover, a site with SSL gives the user a secured feeling that makes a new user sign up to your website. It is considered as a standard now. If you are creating a new website or blog with a user registration option, then I recommend you to have an SSL certificate. You can have a free SSL certificate too. Here is a link to obtain a free SSL certificate. https://letsencrypt.org/
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Yes, SSL Certificates means website is having necessary safety and security features and hence more authentic then without SSL certificates.

Initially ssl certificates is used for website dealing with payments to ensure security of seller and buyer both but now a days ssl certificates is used for authentication and reliability of site, hence help with seo too.

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