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I have quite a few but I think if  I could choose one it would be settling down and having children too early. I don't regret having my children but I missed a big career opportunity through doing it and when my marriage failed I was very financially unstable for a while which caused a lot of stress in my life. If I had concentrated on my career first I would have been in a better position to cope with the break up.

However you can't dwell on past mistakes. I dug myself out of the hole I was in and things are good now. There's no point in going over how life would have been if I had taken a different path so I don't think about it now. Our mistakes and struggles make us the people we are today and I think I am probably a stronger person because of them.
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You sound like me. My greatest regret is not making the right decision while choosing a career path. After I completed my education, was confused about choosing a career. Thus, when I was offered a teaching job, I instantly said yes. I should have waited and chose another career field. 
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I think my biggest regret was not believing in myself that I can be accepted to the civil engineering program in one of the prestigious universities here in our country. Back then, I am so afraid to fail and be tagged as someone who aspires for something more than what she can achieve. For that very reason, I did not apply for the program and opted for a course that relatively gives me a higher chance of acceptance. I have strived enough to graduate but until then my heart still longs for the profession that I've dreamt of since I was a kid. If only I tried. If only I convinced my parents that I can do it, and if ever I can't, they will still be proud of me for trying.

But even though I do not fully like the program I graduated from, I do admit that I have learned much from it, and more than the knowledge, this course has brought me to the people who until now are very dear to me.
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My greatest regret comes in when I abused someone about there physical appearance, in short I called him ugly. We engaged in some arguments and didn't know it could turn to be something big that than I thought. Actually the person also abused me of how slim and in fact went to the extent of abusing my parents. I couldn't hold back my rage and had to pour it all out. He actually provoked me, otherwise I couldn't have abused him.

I really regret upto now although its been around three years now. There's a Swahili proverb that says " usidharau wakunga na uzazi ungalipo". In short it means, don't despise anyone since lineage is a continous process and you cannot avoid or stop giving birth unless you're barren. As a lady you aren't supposed to judge someone with there appearance even if they're not pleasing you because you don't know how yours will look like. That scenerio always make me regret why I opened my mouth but them am always praying to God so that He forgives me.
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Actually regrets is part of life and every human will have one or two of it. My deepest regret happened few years ago when I fell in love with a young lady with simple and folksy personality. We actually understand each other a lot that we begin to picture a marital future for both of us. Suddenly her parent had reasons to quit the town to a bigger place and continue life. As if she knew that will mark the funeral of the sweet relationship. She cried her eyes out but she was out if options than to leave.

After few months of her departure, I decided to focus more on my studying and she was sending me letters through a very difficult means to the extend that according to her stories later, that she hhad to risk not going to school just to get message across. As at then, I wasn't concentrating 9n the relationship anymore. It was hurting her. I thought I was helping our future both. Bu5 she got tired and she quit. I lost her due to my ina
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My biggest regret in life is that I trusted a big amount of money to a childhood friend. I invested the money to her and learned that she was a scammer. We have known each other since we were young and I did not imagine that she is capable of that. I learned not to involve money with friendship.

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