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Sea food is good for our health. But sometimes when you look at the sea food you want to eat it could scare you. Octopus has a scary look but i hear it is very sweet when it is well cooked. If offered would you eat it?
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I have never eaten octopus. I think I could have if it was available in where I live. I love trying out foods and I am sure that I will try octopus if I ever get the chance. 
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Of course. There is nothing I can't eat. As long as people are eating it, I will eat it. If the opportunity presents itself for me to eat octopus, i will be glad to devour it. Like i have heard that they are very rich in protein which means they would be able to add some inch to my height.

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I live on an island and octopus is eaten here, but not all that often. There are certain times of the year when we have an abundance of octopus in our lagoon and people will trap them to control the population. When this happens we cook it. However, cooking octopus is time-consuming if you want to make it taste like anything and not be tuff. It is a bit difficult to clean and prepare. Here is how I do it and it is delicious and it doesn't look like an octopus when it is done and served.
The octopus needs to be pounded with a rock or a piece of wood before it can ever be cooked. This will take time to do this one. when this stage is done, you'll need to boil the octopus with a green mango. You'll need to cut up the mango and cook it in the water with the octopus. This needs to be boiled for around 1 hour or so. Once this is done you can take this from the pan and make a curry sauce and cook it in this and add coconut milk to the curry sauce. This is delicious and it is like eating any other fish that comes out of our lagoon when it is cooked like this. It even looks like small pieces of cut up fish.
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Wow you make it sound so easy to prepare. One look at an octopus can freak you out but like you have said people who have eaten it say its really delicious. If i may adk why do you have to hit it with a rock begore you cook it? And is the green mango used as a meat tenderizer or something? Okay so what means do you use to boil the meat because using gas can be costly. Do you use firewood or gas? This is really interesting i would love to tasye it someday, but i would'nt want to see it being cleaned that may just make me loose my apetite hahaha.
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