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To date, human cloning is prohibited around the world, but we can't know for sure if this will still be the case in the coming years. With science advancing very fast, I do believe that the current knowledge we now have about cloning animals could lead or has already led us closer to cloning our own kind.

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You know what, I start thinking about it before. Those who are taking care of their dogs and lost them, they are into cloning. They want their pets to come alive again. Cloning doesn't mean they will going to be the same pet again, but seeing them again, the one that really looks like their pet, it gives them peace. Some are against it because once something or someone died, they are all gone. You should respect their existence here on earth and only remembers the good memories you had with them. It is such a bad idea to make another one. Even some are suspecting that when you clone something, the other one will look the same but it will be the bad side of the original. It is just an estimation. Actually, cloning already happened in some countries, with animals like goats.
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The basic and most common definition of clone refers to the process of producing a copy or imitation of one or any biological form so that each portion grows or produces only it's own kind. 

Nearly all educated people are familiar with this definition of the word clone, invented by J.B.S Halden. But unfortunately very few understand it's meaning in the context of human cloning, which is a general reference for molecular, cell and organism cloning. This is because cloning can be of a natural process as defined above, It is called asexual reproduction in plants and other life forms. 

Human cloning on the other hand is an artificial process which involves the creation of identical copy of a human. The process is achieved through molecular, organism and cell cloning as mentioned above. In a lay man's language, human cloning simply refers to making another you, that looks and shares the same form, both on the inside and outside, through the means of science.

Going back to the question, I believe human cloning isn't a bad procedure and should be allowed only if it can be controlled and restricted to just organ replacements as a means of health improvement. An instance will be someone suffering from kidney failures, cloning can save such person from certain death by producing a new and better organ. But as we all know, humans are prone to abusing every system, playing God like will be one problem to be faced with human cloning as some might even see the process as a means achieving immortality. It will be almost impossible to put human cloning under total checks and regulations. Look what we've done with plastic surgeries, you can only imagine the extent people will go to achieve their cloning expectations. 

In saying so, it is of my opinion that human cloning will cause more harm than good to the society. And judging from our past experiences and behaviors towards other striving achievements of man, cloning will just be an additional problem distorting the natural balance between life and death. 

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Human cloning means creating another life with the same DNA using cell fragment containing the original genetic material. This topic has long been on the debating table and there are two stance to it. Therapeutic cloning which I support to an extent, and reproductive cloning.

Therapeutic cloning involves the recreation of cells, organs for medical procedures. This is even common with plant experiment as they also produce asexually. I think this is conceivable especially in cases like organ transplant. This eliminates the risk of immunosupressions, finding matching donors etc. However the underlying issue of destroying embryonic stem cells leaves it with a question.

Reproductive cloning on the other hand involves the recreation of a complete identical individual as the original. I'm not even sure what to make of it. Rather than personal agenda, I don't see why another would need a double. This is disrupting nature entirely. Would they be called human beings of human creation?

There's a law that says "no two living organisms can occupy the same ecological niche." Now reproductive cloning would mean two identical organisms occupying perhaps different niches. This makes me raise an eyebrow.
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The thing is, I have a mixed feeling about this cloning of a thing. It doesn't really strike me as great idea but yet I am also looking at it from selfish angle. Cloning for me has good and bad sides. The bad side of it is that it defies what I've come to respect about my God, which is trying to copy the perfect creation of him by making a replica of what he made through a artificial process. And to make the whole thing worse, replicating someone to the point one won't be able to identify the original from the fake. That isn't a funny thing.

On the other side of it, I am looking at it from a different perspective, whereby it can assist me in sustaining the creation of the one I love, which I would love to have around with me till death do us part. Although the creation of the love one might not be real, but atleast I can have the person around even when the person is dead. It know this sound really bizarre, but that's just my honest take on cloning.
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