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Many people have a very good general knowledge not always through what they learned at school but because of the information they picked up after their formal education, just through reading, travelling or other channels. How good is your general knowledge and has it helped you in life?

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This got me thinking what general knowledge actually means. When I read your question, I told myself, "Oh okay, general knowledge, I'm gonna answer this." but now that I am writing my response, I'm not quite sure now what general knowledge is because some information may just be trivial to me, but for some people that might come as something so important, and vice versa.

Taking that thought aside, I guess there are a few things I know that has helped me in life. Funny as it may sound, I learned how to mismatch food combos in a local fastfood store just so I could save a little. The same thing as observing the patterns of occurrences of discount sales for shoes, bags, etc in one of the famous malls in here. I also make it a point to only jog around noon time or past noon time on Saturdays because this is the time when pollution levels are relatively low. People in our area are often too drawn to jogging during Saturday mornings (because hey weekend, why not) not realizing that spillover pollution from Friday night traffic still circles the air. Having this knowledge both from reading and experience has indeed helped me. When it comes to current affairs, I mostly get myself updated through reading and watching the news. I think this one falls right on the GK category, as everyone is expected to know what's happening in their country so as to make informed decisions. Moreover, there are also knowledge that somehow helped me stimulate a conversation. For instance, when someone would sing the lyrics, "someday we'll know, why the sky is blue", I'd say, "oh I know." 

Hence, I think no matter how little we know about something, these knowledge when pooled together not only make us street-smart but also contributes to our personal growth.

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I will say averagely because I read a lot to be able to attempt almost all topics that I come across.I'm good all the same with general knowledge about different ideas of life.So I can give my self a pass mark.
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I think I have average knowledge about information in general. I know some emergency tactics, I know how to cook a little, I know what is happening in the country once it gets trending but I don't know some foods will give you nutrients and some are just good in taste but you don't get anything from it. I know that the gas price is getting higher almost everyday, but the roll back took 2 months before it happens with a little amount. I know the role of a President in the country but when it comes to Prime Minister, I really don't know. Most of my knowledge came from different people I met, in different places I were, the documentary I watched, information from movies, vlog, and even television shows. It was all feed to me and I just absorb from the external.
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I can say that I have an average in general knowledge and yes! Most of it didn't not come from the schooling system. I always try to keep an open mind all the time so when I read, interact with others, travel, watch TV, listen to radio etc, it all kind of sticks with me subsequently. Even subconsciously most times.
Most times, I do research on certain topics that I'm not clear about and while looking for one thing, I end up learning a lot along the line and it becomes a win win. I love to silently observe and pick the little things others miss in a rush. Even when I look out the window and watch kids play and adults go about their business, there's always something to realize. I think that learning is constant just as change is constant.
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Without sounding cocky, i would say that i am a guy with above average knowledge. I have ample knowledge literally on what is going on  in the world, i guess this is attributed to my inquisitive nature as i am very keen on news stories making headlines around the world. I doubt if there is any subject that would be up for discussion that i can't my add little contribution. It might not be that deep as that of an expert in that field but at least i should be able to add something meaningful to the discourse.

Back in my university days,my friends recognized me as a versatile somebody as i can exchange knowledge with almost anybody. The topics could range from politics, business and finance, sports, fashion, automobile, entertainment, you just name it.
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I will say I'm good with general knowledge because I can successfully contribute to any discuss outside the school or academic discuss, I try to be an all rounder person which is how one should operate.

With the accessibility of the internet at a go, I'm always updating my knowledge both on serious and not too serious issues.I can confidently talks on issues of entertainment, news,fashion,earnings, religion, online business, relationship and lots more.I don't think there's an area I can't attempt at all.

It good to have a fair knowledge of almost all areas of life,it will help one to be current about happenings around and outside ones location,so that one wouldn't look lost when such topics are being discussed or acting like a novice on little things that one would have gotten knowledge of already.
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Am quite aware of the known fact that acquiring knowledge doesn't rely only on natural intelligence? It involves as we all know, formal education, studies, research, experiences, e.t.c. Allow me to put this into a test. 

I  know that the word AFRO stands for Africans Fighting Racism and Oppression. I also know that Tupac and Biggie are dead but people say otherwise just to relive their memories. I know apple phones can be eaten. laughs. Just being silly there, but on a more serious note, I can state the below:

I know for a fact that science relates the origin of the universe to the Bing Bang theory which occurred some billions of years ago. It has been studied and proven that Milky Way, which houses our solar system, happens to be the youngest of all galaxies known to man. Religion, on the contrary, gives credit to God Almighty for creating the universe. 

I know all about Alexander The Great. The man who conquered mighty Persia. The youngest man ever to rule almost the entire world. His historic battles from ancient Greece to cultural Egypt and elephant warlords of India. Unfortunately, he died from poisoning in the year 323 BC at the age of 32.

I know that Michael Jackson is one of the greatest singers of our time. He is probably one name I believe to be more famous than Jackie Chan and Coca-cola. His music touched the whole world. During the course of his career, he made so many records like winning 8 grammys in one night of 1984. Though he died in debt, his estate has made a record estimated $2billion since his passing in June of 2009 with over $800 million in 2017 alone. Even in death, he still makes records. 

I am aware of certain history which states that Christmas isn't the actual birthdate of Christ. Roman pagans back then introduced the holiday of Saturnalia, a week long period of lawlessness celebrated between 17-25 of December. It was one of the most important celebrations for them. In the 4th century CE, Christianity imported the celebration hoping to take pagan masses with it. Chritian leaders succeeded in turning into Christianity large number of pagans by promising them they could continue to celebrate Saturnalia as Christians. And so it stuck. There is no record for the actual birthdate of Christ as the new testament gives no date. The earliest gospel, St Mark's written in 65 CE begins with only the baptism of an adult Jesus. This suggests that the early Christians lacked interest or knowledge in Jesus birthdate. However, Jesus birth was determined by an abbot of the Roman monestry, a schythian monk, Dionysius Exiguus, who made certain calculations with the pre-christian era years, Emperor Augustus 43 years of reign and Luke 3:1,23 record of Jesus death at 30 years minus Emperor Tiberius 15 year of reign who took over from Augustus. He arrived at August 28 which will put Jesus birthdate at 754 AUC. 

I know that the ancient secret cult, Illuminati isn't what people mistake it for. It was founded by one Bavarian professor in May of 1776. It was founded on the bases of enlightenment with principles and goals opposed to injustice, superstitions, religious influence over public life and abuse of state power. In the years of 1784 - 1790, they were outlawed through edict by Bavarian ruler Charles Theodore upon recommendations and pressure of the Catholic church. It is still unclear if they continued underground. 

I also know of the greatest prophet, a French physician and seer by the name, Nostradamus who died July of 1566. Very little was know about him until he published his first book of prophecies in 1555. He stormed the world by surprise as all his prophecies were over 90% accurate. Some of his prophecies include the French Revolution, Hitler and the second world war, 9/11 attacks and even his own death and desecration of his grave to mention a few. He was able to see more than centuries into time as over 1000 of his prophecies will occur way past our generation. 

I can remember researching through Mao Zedong, one of the greatest leaders ever to rule China. He is famous for the communist movement, fight for women's right and many more. Unfortunately, his also known for the infamous Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution initiatives which greatly affected China with massive famine and depleting economy respectively. 

I know a lot of more than words and characters will allow me to say. So now the question goes to you. 

How well do you think my general knowledge is? 

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Having the best general knowledge is a continous process because new things related to knowledge emerge everyday. The only way of boosting your general knowledge is by reading book, journals, magazines and at at times learning from the internet oftenly.

There's a time back in high whereby we used to have academic competitions whereby you're asked several random questions and whoever wins is usually treated and is also viewed as the class "savior". We were chosen five students to compete. Unfortunately it went a draw and the only way out was asking general knowledge questions. People looked down up me because I was new in the school hence didn't believe I could manage. Luckily I emerged the best with 57 points. Actually no one believed it and since them I became something like a celebrity but in a good way.

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