This news may put off some Honor fans in India. The organization has affirmed that it isn't taking off Android Oreo update to one Honor 8 phone. The organization made the affirmation on Monday. The organization guaranteed that the handset has software & hardware limitations for the purpose of not giving Android 8.0 Oreo update to Honor 8 


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I don't know from where you got the information that the Huawei company has confirmed there will not be an Oreo update to Honor 8 due to it's manufacturing limitations. The information is wrong and now an Oreo update has been rolled out for the handset.

Last month an Android 8 Oreo update has been released in China for Huawei's Honor 8. Soon India will also get an update according to international news portals. Along with India Europe also in the list to get an Android Oreo update as per Huawei fans. France and Germany are the first in the list to get an os update to the flagship model Honor 8. This move will make the already hit in the market device much more demanding. Even the used or refurbished markets are showing high demand for Honor 8.

There are no reports that there is a hardware change in any latest models of Honor 8. If there was a limitation in the hardware to run Oreo on it then how come the company could manage an update now.
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The information was true at the time the question was made; it's obviously outdated now.

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