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This is my biggest problem right now. I have dogs that ruin my sleep. When they started to hear moviements, they started barking. It mostly happens in the middle of my sleeping time. It is hard to get back to sleep once I woke up. Help me to sleep again.
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Whenever I get disturbed like that in sleep, I usually listen to music. I use earphones most times so as not to get distracted. 
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It is good but actually once I started to hear music, I started to get awake. As much as possible I don't want any kind of noise to have a deep sleep. I am happy that you enjoy music too.

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That always happens to me oftenly maybe being woken up by barking of dogs or maybe if something like a glass falls down. Most of the times it's always taking quite a lot of time before I get back to sleep. What I usually do is go get a glass of water and some snacks if they're available. I also, prefer listening to some cool music and they usually soothen the environment around and I find myself asleep. I actually like listening to cool music and this I highly recommend someone who lacks sleep or takes long before falling asleep. The problem is that you'll forget to turn it off especially if you're using earphones and too much use of earphones can destroy your ear drums. Finally, you can take some sleeping pills especially if you're that kind of a person who rarely falls sleep again after being disturbed from sleep.
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That is a good idea. Sometimes I make sure that I calm down when I wake up accidentally, because when you get stress once you wake up, you cannot get back to sleeping again and that happens to me all the time.
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I think, you get disturbed in your sleep mainly because of your dogs. If it is so, you have to tie them up away at a distance from the place where you sleep. Alternatively, you can also use some ear plugs that help avoid unnecessary and unwanted noise disturbing your sleep.
I know how annoying and irritating it will be to get disturbed in our sleep. It happens to people who reside close to roads where the constant movement of trucks are on throughout the night disturbing our sleep. I have experienced this. Here, one solution can be that you can also consider the necessity of  having so many dogs with you because your dog's continuous barking may be a nuisance to your neighbors too and we have no right to disturb others' sleep.
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Earplugs might work for me and I tried it too but my problem while I am not wearning one, I want to know if the dogs continue to make noises, so I will wake up shut them up and then go back to sleep but I cannot get back anymore. I don't want to wear ear plugs because I am the one stopping the dogs from barking.
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If you are the type music helps to sleep easily, I think it's going to be of very good help in getting you to fall back to sleep once more. It's what I normally do anytime I was accidentally woken up from my sleep. 
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I have the same problem of sleeping back when anything wakes me up and those noises from the dogs can be very annoying but they might also be saving us from danger lurking around.

The noise might not go away for a little while because until whatever they're barking at vanishes they wouldn't stop,so sometimes I grab my earphone and set it to no noise setting to blunt out any noise whatever.

You can try seeing a movie so that the eyes get tired and you can sleep off again, I try to do this always.

Think about what you need to accomplished in the morning and tell yourself you just have to sleep now to get up early tomorrow, let your brain work on the information to send you to sleep.

If all fails lay still on your bed and try to sleep.and before you know it,you would be snoring away.
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Thanks for this. Yes, that is the reason when the dog starts barking, I need to check them out and see what is happening around, when  I already checked that is the time I will go back to bed but I can't go back to sleep anymore. 
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It is not surprising what you are experiencing. Sleep being so important in our cycle of life activities, it agreeable that we should all seek the effective ways to have it uninterruptibly especially at the middle of the night when we need it the most. It could really be frustrating if we don't have sufficient sleep.Right up till now I still find it difficult to return to sleep at night but have figured out simple ways i can put myself back to it as quick as possible. You can try the following steps:

Take your mind off any lingering thoughts from the day activities. With this, it becomes easier to go back to sleep.
For the above step to be more effective, following it up by counting and ceasing your breath at interval. You can take deep breath 7 times and hold the last one deeply before releasing it. Focus on the counting and ceasing process as you try to naturally sleel off from your conscious state. Ensure the room you are sleeping in is highly ventilated because if it's stuffy it'll become pretty hard for you to return back to sleep.
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Wow, I will do this and I have the feeling it will work for me. This is my biggest problem now because I need to have a complete sleep but still no matter how hard I try I really cannot get back to it.
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Please, give it a try my dear. And please, ensure to shower also before going to bed. It helps in experiencing uninterrupted sleep at night.
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Experts say that when people get disturbed to the point of waking up in the middle of the night, it isn't the waking up that's the problem but rather getting the sleep back.

During these times, most people do is to feed their mind with the thought that they must get back to sleep immediately. But the thing is, forcing yourself to do that would only bring you the opposite result. What you need to do is relax and take away all the thoughts that might further distract you. For instance, never get a hold of your phone or grab a snack because chances are two hours later, you'll still be awake. So what do you really need to do? There are several things you may want to try:

1. Since it is your dogs that disturb you from your deep sleep, it would be best to have them sleep in a different room or some safe distance where you wouldn't hear their loud barkings. Otherwise, you may play some relaxing music to overpower the noise.

2. Funny as it may sound, you may opt to counting sheeps or whatever it is you like to count. This will serve as a good distraction, and would prevent you from thinking about the things that might suddenly pop into your mind later on.

3. This doesn't work for everyone but you may try drinking hot milk. I am not aware of any scientific proof for this but most of the time, it really helps.
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I cannot put the dogs to other room because we don't have a room for them. Our house is too small. The puppies are in the cage and the dogs are all around. Yes, I will try the milk . some says that I need not to do big movements too.
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Here are some of the things you can do in order to go back to your sleep again when you wake up in the middle of night and cannot sleep again.I have tried these methods and they have always worked for me.

Count numbers backward: start with 100 and the count backward; 100, 99, 98, 97...Count silently, do not utter. When you count backward, you will be forcing your brain to work. The counting will tire your brain. Believe me you will fall aspeep before you reach 1.

Concentrate on your breathing: You inhale air, you exhale air. Concentrate on your incoming an outgoing breath. This will calm your mind and you will easily fall asleep.

Concentrate in the area between your eyebrows: Close your eyes and focus on the area between your eyebrows. Don't let your mind wander, continue focusing on the area between eyebrows. This will help you sweep away unwanted thoughts from your mind and help you go back to sleep.
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I will do the eyebrow thing, this is very new to me. On the counting, I think my brain will start to work on it and be busy. My brain really loves to think so I might end up thinking if I am counting it right, lol. Breathing, I will try this one too. Thank you
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I have a similar problem with my dogs but not with barking. They think I should get up and feed them at the crack of dawn so they start to whine and pace when they should be sleeping. I have to get up and speak to them sharply and although in most cases it works I cannot get back to sleep again. It can make me really tired.

My dogs are older so it's hard to retrain them. I find it's worse in the summer when it starts to get light early and the birds start singing. We are now heading into winter here and the mornings are getting dark so it's not quite as bad at the moment.  How old are your dogs? Are they still young as it's more common in puppies.

They need to be retrained to let them know it's not acceptable to bark at every noise they hear when you are sleeping. Do you get up to them and tell them firmly they should be quiet? Although this would be annoying for you it could work over time  Is there anywhere they could sleep where they would be less likely to hear any noise? Perhaps you could get the advice of a dog trainer who might be able to help as we all need our sleep.

When it comes to getting back to sleep I have to make myself a hot drink and try to relax as it can be annoying to be woken up the way you are being woken and if you are cross it's hard to get back to sleep.  If I really can't sleep I will work on the internet for a while because that always makes me tired but your real problem lies with stopping your dogs from barking so you won't be awake in the first place.
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I already talked to the puppies everytime they bark and they are stubborn. The dogs, I can stop them but the puppies are the one causes the noises that they older dogs will check and join them too. My puppies are 2 month old. They are really noisy.
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I think the problem here is you can't get rid of the cause of your problem rather you want to cut off the problem.

I'll suggest if you're the owner of the dog, just take it away before it cause a psychology problem to you. Because sudden waking up has serious psychological implications.

However, if you cant get rid of the dog I will advice you not to ever stand up in rush as it can cause serious body damage it persist.

Furthermore, what I use to to anytime such happens to me which mine is never always is; I use to lay for few minute and then sit on the bed. After like five minute I then stand up to re-hydrate my body system by drinking enough cold water to ease all my nerves so that once my brain and other organs are relaxed I just sleep back with next five minute.

Try it, surely it will work for you. But make sure you watch your weather of your environment. If you're in cold area try a little warm water and drink enough.
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I already find the answer to my problem and that is by not having big movements when I hear them barking because big movements can cause me to be waking the nerves in my body.

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