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I have five dogs and there are 4 puppies. My dogs have been barking ever since before but now they have additional member of the band, the puppies! they are all barking like forever and it took me a while to stop them from making noises. To make it worst, they are barking even when everyone are into sleep. How to stop them from barking too much?
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If your dog is always at his cage most of his life, he probably bored and stress, animals need some free time too.I have learned that dog are like humans, if you are always locked in you get stress, so maybe try to make time of your dog and play time with them and take them to a walk with harness on. This will help them have fun time. treat your dog like human.

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Do you close your puppies in the room or fence? Puppies always need much time to sleep for physical growth. Although puppies will bark much than the adult dog, they could not bark day and night unless they are lonely or hungry after sleep. Make sure they have enough food, water, and toys.  A ventilating environment is necessary as well. Try to play with them and make them exhausted before you sleep. Walking the puppies outsides helps to improve their social ability, so they would not bark after hearing little noise at home due to scare. Contacting with outdoor environment early benefits to get on well with strangers and other canines, which has a positive effect on going to the dog-friendly beaches or parks. However, it's better to leash them before walking dog.  

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To be honest, I know they have enough food and water to drink even though they are inside the cage, but these puppies are really over acting, over barking and annoyed the rest of us, even the neighbors.
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If they are little puppies about 1-3 months old, it's normal. Are these puppies born from your older dog? Maybe you could find someone to adopt them after 1 month old. But if you want to raise all of them, endurance is the only way. 

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Nope, my mother don't want them to be adopted as my mother really loves them that is why even it annoys us, they are still there.
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I feel for you and know what you're talking about. I have an older dog of 8 years. He lives in our yard because he is way too big to come into our home. He basically only barks when there is a dog, cat, or person in our river. Normally, he is very quiet. However, at night he does seem to bark more because the cats around us seem to fight a lot. Then we have the 5 little ones who live in the house, they range from 5 years old down to 1 year old. They are the barkers. I have one who is the puppy of the 2 of my dogs and I can't seem to get him to stop barking. When he starts the others seem to follow. Here are a few suggestions of what I have done to control the barking of my dogs and this seems to really help at night to keep them quiet when everyone is sleeping.

I had to lock the dogs in a room by themselves and put their toys in the room for them to play. They are Bichon Frise and they love to play for sure. I basically need to keep the little dog's father in my room at night along with one of the smaller ones. This keeps them apart. I've never had an issue with the father, but the mother loves to bark. She normally will stay with me too. I put the 3 puppies in a room and put the tools in the room for them to play with. This keeps them busy at night and they don't go barking and making a mess.

I have a broom that is made out of the coconut leaves that I use to scare them with. I don't hit my dogs all I need to do is pick it up and show it to them and they stop barking. I think you need to find something that they are afraid of when they see it. Like a rolled up newspaper that you can hit on your hand. When they start barking pick this up and hit it on your hand. They will get scared of the sound and run. This was the best way I found to keep them from barking all the time. Just the noise of my broom keeps them quiet. I basically just tap it on the floor and tell them to shut up. They hear this and are quiet.
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We have this wood, bamboo or wooden like bamboo that we show to them whenever they bark but as soon as I put my hand down, they start their barking again. So sad that I don't have another room for them.
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I have one dog who has a high pitched annoying yap and another who doesn't bark at all!  The one who doesn't bark has a lovely nature but isn't much good as a guard dog!

My little dog will bark at any noise she hears but I have discovered that spraying her with a little water from a spray container every time it happens will stop her in her tracks as she doesn't like being wet at all. Even a bath is traumatic for her but this works better if the barking occurs in the garden. You can do it at night in the house as you don't need to spray much but it means getting out of bed for a few nights to train them.

Some dog training classes might be a good idea although these are usually costly. Maybe you can get some ideas online from people who have had the same problem. You may have one that sets the others off so if you can work out which one it is and concentrate on training him first maybe the others will follow suit.
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Yes right now I am researching from Youtube to help myself because I cannot take losing sleep because of their noises every night. It needs to stop.

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