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Borrowing from Ferguson (2017), do regions grow because firms create jobs and people follow, or do people move to a region for quality-of-life and other non-economic reasons and jobs follow?

I know that this issue still remains largely unresolved, but what are your thoughts about it?
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In most cases, it is for both reasons. If a person needs their job and the company is relocating it will be necessary to move or to find a new job. In most cases, it is not possible to find a good job so they move. In other cases such as for my daughter, she wants to move because the cost of living is cheaper in another state and she wants to buy a home. Where she is now she will never be able to do this. 

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The question of whether people follow jobs or do jobs follow people is one that even most experts can't fully agree on. Some argue that people move to cities where lots of jobs are available; while others would argue that jobs are created as a result of strong population growth. However, if we look at areas with high rates of population growth - like the South and Southwest - we can see that they also have strong economies (with lots of new job creation). We can also see that areas with immigration tend to have greater job opportunities than smaller (stagnant) towns without immigration (nor significant population growth). In short, areas that see strong population growth, often see stronger job growth, than areas that are not growing.
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People makes things happen not the other way round,so people actually follow jobs and to make a region economically viable because there are jobs that are created by firms and people follow the jobs,jobs don't follow people.Take for example A man is at point B and hears that there's a good job at point Z he wouldn't mind leaving point B totally to follow the job in point Z right? But that job in point Z can't leave that point to start following someone in point B.So people go in sesrch of jobs to follow not jobs going in sesrch of people.

Creation of jobs in a particular region helps to build that region because there will more development going on there.At least there will be provision of social amenities for the workers.
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People are followers of jobs. They gravitate towards the region where these jobs are created. Apparently, it just can't be the other way round. Have you ever wondered why is there massive migrations of people from the rural regions to the urban cities? It is simply because of search of jobs that ain't available in those remote areas, and they are aware that with such migration, they open up themselves to the endless opportunities in those cities regardless of little or no qualifications.

Moreso, the people are also in the know-zone that once such a move is made, they avail themselves the rare chances of enjoying all the social amenities that are concentrated in the cities. Things like quality education, pipe borne water, electricity, motorable goods road, etc.
In summary, people are followers of jobs because it is in their nature to always seek for greener pastures where their quality of lives can tremendously be improved.
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It depends on two issues and they include, your location and your qualifications as well. In my locality, the higer or more qualifications you have, the more earning opportunities are opened for you.For example, you might find someone with a degree certificate lacks job no matter the course. On the contrary, someone with master's it PhD has around three jobs and keeps declining others. I don't know what always happens but I believe the more educated you are, the more jobs are opened for you.

At times it depends on how well you know someone so that you're given that job. This doesn't happen in all the scenerio especially when you have several certificates. Education is a long time investment and thus we shouldn't tire adding especially if we get that opportunity.
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I would say that in most cases people follow jobs. In the UK employment can be scarce in certain parts of the country so people relocate to find a job because they are so fed up with not being able to work. Some people will even emigrate and take their families with them if they are offered a dream career in a different country.

Moving away from what you know can be a risky business especially if it doesn't work out. My daughter left a good job here when she lived at home. When she met her now husband she moved to be with him and was unemployed for a while. She eventually found a really good job and has gone from strength to strength and is also fortunate in that if she ever needed to return home she could get a transfer. Some places have branches all over the country which makes it easy to relocate if necessary.

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